Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A New Day

I really like spring. It is very cool how flowers hide away in the winter and then just before spring arrives they start peeking through the dirt to reinvent themselves as a new flower. They first let go of all the old petals and leaves that no long serve them and then take time out to feed and nourish their roots through the winter. Then from deep beneath the earth they start to emerge. New life, new leaves, new petals but still the same flower. It doesn't move away or change the colour, style or shape of the flower enough to be mistaken for a different flower. It just evolves into a fresh new flower, ready to enjoy spring. It stands tall, opens its petals to the sun and lets bees fly right in.
When we lay in savasana or fall asleep at night wouldn't it be nice to let go of things that don't serve us and upon waking up, really show up in the world ready to play, ready to listen, laugh, let the sunshine in and be the person we want to be?
Spring is a reminder to me of life and all the world has to offer. I am inspired by the plants and flowers that after sitting under rain, mud and snow they still come back strong, without complaint. Life is full of times that hiding in the dirt seems like a good place to be but I feel the better place is pushing through the dirt and showing up, arms open to let the sun in and have pure faith that the rain will help me grow.


Thursday, 23 February 2012


My almost 3 year old daughter, Stella asked if I could pick her up the other day, after coming home from the park. I looked at her sweetly and said "how can I pick you up sweety, my hands are full?"

She looked at me and what I was carrying and continued walking towards the back door of our house. With a sad expression on her face. Which of course broke my heart.

Once we got inside, I dropped what I was carrying, took my shoes off and hung our jackets up. Wow, I sure do have a lot of "stuff", I thought.

As a mom and yoga teacher it seems like I've accumulated more and more stuff over the years. I carry with me, at all times, (usually in my purse);

  • wallet
  • keys
  • yoga journal & pens
  • chap stick
  • hair elastics, bobby pins
  • business cards
  • Ipod w/headphones
  • Iphone
  • portable Ipod speakers for the corporate gigs I teach at
  • sometimes magazine, or current book I'm reading
When I go out with Stella, I usually have a snack in my bag, like crackers or cut cucumbers. She's usually toting a toy, or a crayon for spontaneous creative moments. Even in my car, I have a trunk full of yoga mats & props, re-usable shopping bags and anything else that needs a lift, like teddy bears and cheerios. 

I mean do we REALLY need all this "stuff", all the time?

As Spring slowly moves upon us, I feel the need to simplify. To De-clutter and re-organise. Not just my purse, but my closet (do I need five hoodies?), my kitchen cupboards, my car and definitely my home office. 

Even my yoga practice can benefit from simplifying. Coming back to the basics is a beautiful reminder of where I began, and how important my foundation is when deeply rooted in the moment.

Don't under estimate the power of simplicity. Join me in letting go of the clutter and re-organising your purses, homes, cars, yoga and life, so you can see Clearly what really matters. 

Here's to space!
Lauren :)

Stella & I in our most basic form - enjoying the moment. :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love is Kind

Valentines Day and Love is in the air. Love starts the moment we are born with our parents. Unconditional love. Love also comes in other forms. Ice cream on a hot day as a child, when it was still acceptable to let it run down my arms, my new bike that I rode everyday of the summer singing “My baby takes the morning train….” Flutter of a love on Valentines Day, the cut out cards………..will you be mine?  My friends that make me laugh daily. My family. My first kiss to finding that person I wanted and still want to be with every day of my life. My children, my big loves, they teach me Love I never knew was possible. And yes, yoga. Yoga to me is pure Love and I can’t put it any other way. I Love the way a studio smells when I walk in after a hot class. I Love my teachers and how they come up with so many moments that inspire every bone in my body with their words. I Love the swish of unrolling my mat and making sure it is lined up with the wood or tiles on the floor. I Love the way people look before a class, filled with anticipation. Doing downdogs in case they don’t get enough in class. I Love the words “ bring your toes to touch at the top of your mat” I Love the stretch, the bends, the breath. I Love when I am in a class and the mats are really close to each other and each breath inspires the breath beside it until the entire room is breathing together and moving together. I Love the stillness and peace in Savasana. I Love that a room of busy city people will all lie down together, in the dark, with sweat rolling off their heads and just relax. I Love at the end of class when everyone says Namaste. Namaste! Yes, I bow to you. I see and honour the light in you. This is Love. I Love how the same people look entirely different after a yoga class. When I leave my yoga class I look at everything with fresh eyes and I see Love in everything. Yoga shows me that it is not What is Love, but what isn’t? We are all Love.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Courage to TRY

I remember the first time a yoga teacher asked me to try jumping up into Handstand.

I was in shock, "Excuse me, did you just say kick my leg up into HANDSTAND?". Of course he replied "YES, Try it".

Of course I did, kind of in a pathetic way. A little baby kick you could say, really with no intention of actually doing a handstand, more to fulfil my teachers request. I spent that whole night running the event through my mind.

What would have happened if I had actually "TRIED" to do a handstand?

You know, set the intention, placed my hands in the right spot, softened my upper back (as my teacher suggested), take a breath and kicked like I was trying to balance on my hands. Hmmmm, I wonder!

Well, I was given a second chance a few weeks later with the same teacher. This time with a little love from the Universe, the teacher stopped the class, used a student as a demo and explained how to properly kick up into a handstand. Amazing! This time I had a fire in my belly and I was ready.....

To Try, fully, with all my heart.

I did exactly what my teacher had asked of me and within a few moments, I experienced the world from a whole new angle. UPSIDE DOWN.

It was exhilarating, energising, inspiring and terrifying.

This was 10 years ago. Since then I've done Handstand a few hundred times, sometimes with moments of calm confidence and other times, with still hesitation. Either way, I sit hear still motivated by my first attempt.

Courageously, willing to TRY.

Not just kind of try, a "half attempt" but fully commit to the moment, situation, fear and all, to give it YOUR best. Might not be the most perfect looking handstand, or new recipe, or first conversation with that attractive man at the coffee shop, but you gave it your all and tried.

What will you TRY?

My beautiful friend Leanne doing handstand against a local tree. Check her out at Shibui Yoga

The loving Carol Wray & her daughter Alisha giving it their all in handstand. Way to go! 

OK, it's not a "handstand" but Forearm stand can be just as tricky & it's my favourite. So this is me, at White Rock beach. My favourite place to practice.