Thursday, 8 March 2012

Heart of a Woman

Today (March 8th 2012) is International Woman's Day. A celebration of woman everywhere. 

This excites me. I have so many incredible woman in my life, who have helped shape who I am 

My mother (for instance) is a very strong woman. Not just physically strong, even though she does have a rock hard body. :) But a passionate, motivating, Live life to the fullest woman. I've watched her speak to 100's of people with ease and Grace. I've seen her give not only thousands of dollars to charity, but volunteer hours in Haiti, Africa and right here in her community. I've seen her fight for woman's rights and win. 

However, the moments that stand out as the most powerful moments with my mom, are the times she softens and allows compassion, vulnerability and love to rule. It's not an easy task for my "A - type", successful, funny, sometimes stubborn mom. 

Don't we learn the most from the things that don't come as "natural" to us, or the things (feelings) we avoid?

I see this struggle in my yoga practise a lot. My strong "A-Type" personality tells me to "kick it up a notch" and "go harder, or faster". I even find myself (sometimes, when I'm not conscious of it) in yoga classes trying to "one up" the person next to me. I know, not very "Yoga" right? Just speaking my truth here. 

The thing is, it's only when I question why I'm doing that, that I realize it's my insecurities and my feelings of unworthiness that are acting up. Then from that recognition, within that moment, I can make the choice to soften, and let go of the need to be more and simply be..... ME. A woman who is naturally soft, and loving, caring and sensitive. A woman who wants to laugh, cry, share, connect and love. A woman who knows that balancing on her hands is so much fun, but not a way to measure her worth. 

Yoga is not another opportunity to beat yourself up, it's an opportunity to see yourself in your illustrious light. To let go of expectation and borders and simple BE who you are. Bringing this back to harmony is making peace with both my masculine and feminine qualities.  

Today is about celebrating woman. Woman who are strong and capable, who are vulnerable and compassionate. Woman who can do anything and everything, yet choose what speaks most to her heart. Woman who let go of guilt and take care of them self. Woman who loves no matter what.

Thank you to all the woman past & present in my life. You inspire me everyday! Here's a beautiful quote from one of my favourite authors and teachers, Marianne Williamson. If you haven't read "A Woman's worth" or "A return to love" please do so, they are amazing books! 

"I feel that as women we've allowed ourselves to be deluded by certain ideas that hold us back, such as the over-glorification of masculine consciousness. To me, liberation doesn't mean that I can think just like a man. Real liberation means that I can think, act, and be like a woman and receive equal respect, honor, and compensation. Liberation also means that even though I'm a woman I have masculine parts of my temperament which I can safely explore and integrate into my experience. In the same way, real liberation for men means that they 
can explore and integrate their feminine aspects of consciousness." Marianne Williamson

Love, Lauren


  1. Love the blog Lauren!! Beautifully written. Keep up the posts and Happy Woman's Day!! xox


    1. Thanks sweety! Glad you like your blog too. xo

  2. You shine so bright & always share your truth, an amazing woman who has certainly inspired my life!