Thursday, 22 March 2012

YOU Are the GURU

I teach yoga full time and have been for over 7 years now. People come to me to learn how to stretch their bodies, sometimes to heal an injury or to simply learn the elements of teaching and articulating "Yoga".

Recently, after the John Friend scandal (I have been practicing & studying under the Anusara method for years), I find myself questioning the student/teacher relationship. What is my role and how can I effectively serve?

Now, I've been teaching yoga for 7 years but I've been practicing (a student of) yoga since 2001. I used to idolize my teachers. I still even find myself in awe of certain teachers and their ability to articulate this incredible practice.  Yet, it's this longing to find the answers outside of myself that upsets me now.

A colleague recently said this via a group email, and it struck me not only as poetic, but TRUE,

" I am continuing on the path of studying as I realize the more I learn, the less I know."

Since my daughter was born (May of 2009) I haven't been able to go to as many workshops or trainings as I'm used to (at least one a month, sometimes weeks at a time). At first this was very upsetting and I worried my teaching would lack or pay the prize. In reality it's been a blessing. Like Carli said so elegantly (in last weeks Blog post) my Yoga is all day long and not always on the mat. My life as a mom has taught me more than some weekend yoga workshops, and my yoga students have reminded me that the answers I long for live within me. 

"Om namah shivaya gurave"  - one translation to this sanskrit statement is; "I bow to the goodness, the TRUE teacher within"

This is it, exactly. Simple, elegant and full of internal honesty. YOU know the answers, you KNOW what you need to do in the moment, in that experience, with that person. Just stop, take a breath (or a few) and the true, authentic person within you. There the answers await you. 

Please don't get me wrong. I will continue to study all aspects of "Yoga" from a variety of different teachers and styles. This will never end. What I will do though, is question the information and listen to my heart for the answers.

May you embrace this too. 

With you on this path of Love,


  1. Right on, Lauren! The idea of being your own guru seems so simple, but can be so scary in a society where we are used to answers: being told what to do, want, look like... So freeing and refreshing to stop and listen to your authentic self.
    Sharing your path of love rocks, thank you.