Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Teachers

I have a confession. I don’t have a teacher.  I hear everyone drinking tea all sweaty after class hanging around talking about their teacher. Their guru. What did I miss? Where do I get this teacher. So I guess the hunt was on, I needed a teacher. I mean how can I grow if I don’t have the one special teacher that I can call my own?
So I went to my favorite kundalini class, YES she is my teacher, I mean I love my Kundalini teacher, hands down she is an amazing women. Then I went to one of my favorite Vinyasa teachers classes, YES he is MY teacher, when I left I wanted to stop everyone on the street, hug them and tell them they needed to go to this class. Then I met a teacher from out of town that my daughter and I agree is an incredible teacher and person. She is 5, after this SHE had a teacher. I take classes with teachers that continue to challenge and move me at the farm, in town and on the Island. I continued my quest on how to find and decide which one of these amazing teachers would be mine. I have been to teachers that are brand new and learned so much, I have been to teachers that have been practicing and teaching for decades and they have filled me up with inspiration. On weekends we tape teachers that leave us breathless and full of gratitude to be so fortunate to not only be in their class but be taping them to share with others. When I have the opportunity to go to a class. I can’t decide. There are SO many awesome teachers with so much to offer. Then I realized I have many teachers. I have teachers all around me! My kids, friends, family are all my teachers. We can find different lessons from different teachers. The lessons I learn may be different from what you learn. The teachers that bring me to a place of pure bliss or make me question myself may be different from those that do the same for you. My teacher today may be different from my teacher tomorrow or not. What I am thankful for is all these wonderful teachers who put themselves out there, sharing and practicing and teaching. We are all teachers and we are all students. We take turns. Sometimes we listen sometimes we speak. I say, have one teacher, have one hundred. Just be open, enjoy the practice, inhale the lesson and find the joy of being on both sides.  Thank you to my teachers.


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