Thursday, 31 May 2012


I once had a private client who came to me with a large list of ailments. He was a type 2 diabetic who needed to lose 80-100 lbs. He was in chronic pain, struggled with insomnia, and had already lost 2 toes and the doctors where threatening his foot, if he didn't get his act together. His wife signed him up for a private yoga session with me, as she had been practising yoga with me for a year and had seen a huge difference in your body and life. 

I spent half a day preparing for his hour session. Did research about his issues, planned a 
class, wrote questions I wanted to ask him. I wanted to help!

When he first entered, you could tell he was skeptical and hesitant. He asked "so what's this YOGA all about". I explained all the science behind it and got him lying on his back, so we could do some non-weight bearing postural stuff. I also used it as an opportunity to teach him about his breathe. As stress was a big factor for him. 

About half way through the session, he looked up at me and said, how long will it take for me to lose weight and get flexible. He wanted me to give him a date/time. I told him that yoga takes time. That if he committed himself to this practise all that he longed would come, however it could take months or even YEARS.

He then rolled over, said "I haven't had to work hard for anything in my life, and I don't want to start now". He thanked me for the session, and left. I never heard from him again.

I cried hard!

After I finished taking it personal and actually got some perspective on the situation (a week later), I saw that it had nothing to do with me. 

Patience speaks to me often, especially since my daughter was born.

My A type personality wants things NOW.

Even though my passionate, yet stubborn personality serves me in many ways, it also hinders me from really experiencing and cherishing the space between my intentions and the final destination.

Some of the people, things and experiences I cherish the most, aren't the ones that came easily or right away.

Cultivating patience isn't an easy task, however it's a worthy one. Working hard for what you want, builds character and strength. Persevering and embracing the journey makes the reward that much sweeter. 

May you walk slowly along the path and be patient.

"Practise, all is coming" Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Thursday, 24 May 2012


The same quote showed up four times this week and I feel the need to share. "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do see the one which has been opened for us." This is a quote from Helen Keller. This, to me, is so inspiring. It reminds me to embrace change. Change can be hard, it can be tiring, it can cause stress and it can be scary. The unknown, the loss of something comfortable, something familiar. It is scary. But with change comes growth. When the seasons change, the leaves turn brown and drop, the branches look bare, it looks empty. But what we don't see is how the trees are preparing for energizing winds, nourishing rains, playful snow. And then just when we think we can't take anymore, out comes the sun, the leaves start to show up, bright in colour, ready for Spring, more change. When I look back in my life all the big changes led to something incredible. I moved, I made new friends. I changed jobs, I met my husband. I had children. I started a new path. We all change, our cells change. The challenge is to let go. To take a leap of faith and know that if we jump we will land. So, if a door is closing, turn around, look out the window, see the sunlight through the rain, and let change happen. In fact encourage change, get excited and welcome it with open arms, it could be exactly what you have been waiting for.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

How it happened!

IMAGINE: Two moms having a conversation in a grassy backyard, with the beautiful British Columbia sun on their faces with 3 kids running all around them. There's laughter, the occasional tear, lots of ball kicking, and snacks made out of pretend food. Perfect afternoon for these two moms.

Well, as you can probably assume, this is us, Carli and I, oh yeah and our kids, Stella (3 yrs old, Lauren's daughter), and CJ's kids, Porter (who is almost 6) and Koen (who is 4). We planned these "play dates" so the kids could play and so we could talk yoga. Our other favourite topic.

Stella & Porter & Koen

We talked about alignment principles and how to kick up into handstand (we even practised a few on the soft grass). We talked about teaching yoga and our students, we talked about easy times, and challenges. What we contemplated most, was how to make yoga accessible for everyone, and how could yoga teachers stop over working and start making some money.

I had recently sold my yoga studio business (it's still there and doing better than ever, way to go Marnie, check it out LIVE YOGA),  Carli was teaching live classes here along with teaching her friends (who also have young children) that lived on the island over Skype.

We loved the small yoga studio feel and the experience of walking into these studios to discover new teachers however we found it challenging to fit it all in.

So you can imagine, the conversation got pretty intense. But don't worry we laughed a lot too.

Being busy working mom's ourselves we relate to a hectic schedule however we KNOW that taking care of our self is vital for survival as busy working moms.

This is how was created!

Yoga Anywhere, Anytime. With amazing yoga teachers, taped in REAL yoga studios, with REAL students in the classes, so the viewers can see that everyone at some point struggles in a yoga pose, or uses a prop, or asks a question. We want a variety of yoga classes, lengths and styles. We want to showcase local teachers, within all different communities across CANADA, so the busy mom, or the corporate traveller, or the people in towns without studios can experience what we know as the most transformation practise, YOGA.

We also want yoga teachers and yoga studios to thrive, so when you use you're also helping your local yoga community.

Our mission is to motivate and inspire people to do YOGA, while helping the yoga community thrive while showcasing Canadian talent.

Please help us in achieving this goal, and spread the word, Like us on Facebook and check out this video (below) that is playfully inspired by our sometimes hectics lives.

Love & Gratitude,
Lauren & CJ

P.S. We have a Facebook contest on RIGHT now, and you could win a year membership or a beautiful Mala, so come on "like" us.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Fall. Get Up. Love.

My body, my mind, my spirit all love yoga. There are times when I step on my mat and I could stay there all day and there are times when I don’t feel as connected. There are some days I just want the end result. I have to step back and remind myself that, like everything in life, this is a journey. An adventure. The process of getting to the end result is the stuff that helps us grow and makes us human and it is in these moments we learn about our true self and where we find the pure joy of being alive. If I fall out of tree pose one day I may actually be getting closer to a bigger tree the next day or maybe something else I hadn’t considered at all. Yes, this is an amazing practice on and off the mat. Perseverance, dedication, faith can go a long way. Some days our tree is steady and sometimes we stand in a windy forest. Sometimes it is fun to take my steady tree and see where I can go, can I look up, close my eyes, expand my heart. This is the journey, the play. It is fun to enjoy the big tree that takes risks, goes beyond our comfort level and if it falls we get to do it again. We will get there as we need, let’s enjoy this journey together. We are all heading in the same direction so look around you, encourage each other, close your eyes, fall, get up, open your heart, love.

“Just because I can’t do it today doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do it some day.” This is a quote by Arthur. If you haven’t already seen his video on You Tube you can find it on our Facebook. It is amazing, please watch! Facebook Page


Thursday, 3 May 2012


Have you ever been moved to do something?

Felt as if this was what you were meant to do?

When I teach yoga, I'm "on purpose" as Oprah Winfrey would say. In yoga we would call this our "Dharma".

As I said in my last blog posting, I found yoga when I was in the deepest, darkest place in my life. Today, I would gratefully say "yoga saved my life".

Yoga moved me so much, that I decided to change my whole life plan and teach, which is much harder than you may assume. At least when you feel so passionate about yoga, and you want others to feel that passion, than you take it seriously. Which then makes teaching challenging because every class you teach, you put your heart into it.

I think about my students all day. I practise & ponder beautifully sequenced classes and relate able themes to help people connect to their souls as they move & stretch their bodies. I want every student to feel their own power to make conscious choices that serve them and to explore how "Grace" moves within them. I want them to laugh and be light hearted. I want them to FEEL and stop worrying so much. Even if they don't ever do yoga again, I want them to leave with a "good" yoga story about this sometimes crazy, super enthusiastic lady who lead me through this weird, yet lovely feeling yoga class.

I know that not everyone is going to like my teaching style, or even relate to me, however I want my students to know that I take my job seriously and when I take the seat of the teacher, I'm there to serve their highest intention as a way of serving my own.

I want my students to know that yoga is supposed to feel good. That yoga is there to remind them that they are worthy of the time and attention they give to themselves in a class. That yoga is more than just breathing and stretching, however it's through the breath and the movements that we connect to ourselves and get clear as to what we need/want in that moment. I want my student to know that everything is going to be OK, that we have choices even when we feel trapped and lost. That we are loved......we are LOVE, we are ONE!

I love what I do with every cell of my body, which is why CJ & I started Which is why I continue to take the seat of the teacher and share my life and practise with the world. Which is why I continue to study and learn the scientific art of yoga. Which is why I hope you will come take class with me (on line or in person).

May you find your "purpose", whether it be in your career path, or volunteering, or being a parent, or exploring life. You are here for a reason. May you listen to your hearts deepest voices and follow it fearlessly.

With you on this path of love,