Thursday, 31 May 2012


I once had a private client who came to me with a large list of ailments. He was a type 2 diabetic who needed to lose 80-100 lbs. He was in chronic pain, struggled with insomnia, and had already lost 2 toes and the doctors where threatening his foot, if he didn't get his act together. His wife signed him up for a private yoga session with me, as she had been practising yoga with me for a year and had seen a huge difference in your body and life. 

I spent half a day preparing for his hour session. Did research about his issues, planned a 
class, wrote questions I wanted to ask him. I wanted to help!

When he first entered, you could tell he was skeptical and hesitant. He asked "so what's this YOGA all about". I explained all the science behind it and got him lying on his back, so we could do some non-weight bearing postural stuff. I also used it as an opportunity to teach him about his breathe. As stress was a big factor for him. 

About half way through the session, he looked up at me and said, how long will it take for me to lose weight and get flexible. He wanted me to give him a date/time. I told him that yoga takes time. That if he committed himself to this practise all that he longed would come, however it could take months or even YEARS.

He then rolled over, said "I haven't had to work hard for anything in my life, and I don't want to start now". He thanked me for the session, and left. I never heard from him again.

I cried hard!

After I finished taking it personal and actually got some perspective on the situation (a week later), I saw that it had nothing to do with me. 

Patience speaks to me often, especially since my daughter was born.

My A type personality wants things NOW.

Even though my passionate, yet stubborn personality serves me in many ways, it also hinders me from really experiencing and cherishing the space between my intentions and the final destination.

Some of the people, things and experiences I cherish the most, aren't the ones that came easily or right away.

Cultivating patience isn't an easy task, however it's a worthy one. Working hard for what you want, builds character and strength. Persevering and embracing the journey makes the reward that much sweeter. 

May you walk slowly along the path and be patient.

"Practise, all is coming" Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

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