Thursday, 28 June 2012


One of the things that I cherish most with my yoga is the COMMUNITY. In the beginning, going to a group class was kind of intimidating, as I stressed about the unknown and worried about my capabilities within each pose.

Then I started talking to the students that where in class, and things started to change. I saw that everyone had similar fears & insecurities.

The people on my yoga mat came from all different backgrounds, with different reasons for trying yoga, however we had one thing in common. We all loved yoga!

Some I met in regular classes, later on I met through workshops and trainings. We would email to see who's going to class, and meet after for tea. We would car pool together. We even had a few weekend trips where we shared accommodations, which of course involved personal stories, cooking in the kitchen together and a helping hand getting into handstand. Some people I talk to now & then, some are my closest friends that I see every week.

It's this community that still encourages me when I'm struggling. Inspires me to try something new, or look at something old from a different point of view. It's this community that celebrates with me when I achieve a goal. It's this community that reminds me why I LOVE YOGA so much.

As we move into this patriotic weekend (July 1st is Canada Day for us), I'm reminded of community and how important it is to acknowledge the incredible people that encourage us, help us and inspire us.

May you be generous with your energy, whether it be a simple smile at someone as you cross paths, or a helping hand to family or friends. May you introduce yourself to someone new next time your at yoga or the gym.

May you get to know your community!

"We all have known loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and love comes with Community" Dorothy Day

Thank you to my Yoga community, you mean the world to me!!!

Love & Light,

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