Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Are You ON or OFF?

In January of this year, I was teaching 12 yoga classes a week, part responsible for an impromptu local yoga studio, working with Carli-Jean to get to the place we wanted it (which is a full time job alone) and of course taking care of my household wife, mom, woman duties. Let's just say I was overwhelmingly busy. (I still kind of am).

This isn't even what really contributed to my anxiety. It was the fact that I couldn't turn "OFF". I would lie in bed at night streaming my brain for marketing ideas, or yoga sequences. I would be bathing Stella and putting laundry away, while thinking about a private client of mine.

I was always running at high speed & doing too many things at once!

I sit here today aware that this pattern in my life doesn't serve me.

So this week, I'm making a commitment to myself to change that. Or at least a commitment to start the process of noticing when I fall into this habit. Yoga has taught me that it all starts with awareness, because once I KNOW, than I can see where my choices lie.

Today I chose to play with my daughter skillfully. To be in the moment with her while we play with her stuffies, and then blow bubbles in the backyard. Today I chose to be present with my husband when he's explaining his day, and later when I move in my yoga practice. Today I see that the most important choice I have is to BE in the moment, even when I'm "OFF" lying on my mat in Savasana (corpse pose, final relaxation!).

Today I see that the freedom I desire in my life starts when I allow myself to fully be "ON", when I'm supposed to be "ON", and totally "OFF" when it's time to be "OFF".

Love, Lauren

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