Thursday, 19 July 2012


It is love that brings happiness to people. 
It is love that gives joy to happiness. 
My mother didn't give birth to me, that love did. 
A hundred blessings and praises to that love.
-- Rumi 

We are all born from love. We all deserve and desire love. I am inspired daily by my kids and how they love. When kids love someone, they don't care what that person looks like, what they wear, what hairstyle they have or what they will get from giving their love. They just love. And they will tell you. Without hesitation, without attachment or regret, they just love. 

I believe we are all born into this world from love and with a purpose. I believe under it all we are all the same and we are all capable of changing the world into a better place just by loving. It is easy to love your kids, your parents, your spouse but the challenge is finding love for people we don't understand or people we are afraid to understand. I also think there is a challenge in sharing love with those we see everyday. At dinner tonight my kids were singing a song about how they loved everyone and everything in the whole world. I get it. As we get older we are taught to love a certain way or possibly not quite as freely as the opera I was sung tonight but why not go back to that feeling of joy in love that we had when we were kids. We just loved. To love and be loved, what else is there? May you all find the joy in love today.    

With Love,

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