Thursday, 16 August 2012

Go Fish

Tonight my husband, two kids and I headed down to the pier for a bullhead fishing derby. When we arrived the pier was buzzing with excitement. We quickly found a spot and baited our hooks together. My daughter was so excited her hands were flying all over and my son was jumping up and down. Parents, grandparents and friends, were all gathered at the edges of the dock waiting for the start bell. As soon as it rang the lines were dropping and fish were biting. Kids were screaming in pure happiness and cheering each other on. Adults were all laughing and encouraging their kids. Each time we caught a fish my kids would scream and jump and then, very proudly, walk the fish down to the table where it was measured, recorded and then released.

The thing that I found so amazing about this evening was how so many families participated. Some volunteered, some came to cheer, some came to fish. Some families have been doing this for years and some it was their first time. I am inspired by how many people just come out and went for it. In the end it didn’t matter who caught the most fish, the biggest fish or the most unusual fish. It mattered that a community came together and had fun. Pure and simple. Participated, went for it and had fun. Imagine if we all just got out there, threw our lines in more often, cheered each on and waited to see what we caught.


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