Thursday, 2 August 2012

My Thoughts....

Some people feel that if they hold a certain spiritual belief, yoga may not be for them. Yoga will ask you to question yourself and dig deep. To open your heart and look inside. But it will honour your beliefs and recognizes oneness is all of us regardless of what religion you may or may not follow.

I feel we all have a purpose here and although our beliefs may differ we are on the same path. Some practices I find interesting but are not for me and others give a name to beliefs I already hold. Even if you are born into a spiritual practice that serves you for life there is often work to be done to live along these beliefs. I am brought to tears when I see the dedication that some have for there spiritual leaders, when one believes so strongly to get down and give thanks, even when life has handed them hard, sometimes devastating times. I am also inspired by those searching for what feels right to them, changing their ideas as new ones come along that fit better so they themselves can find their truth.

I feel that we are all meant to be here regardless of whom you call God. The thing that is so amazing is that despite our different beliefs when it comes right down to it, we are all one. We cry when we are sad and laugh when things are funny. Your spiritual path may differ from mine but our paths may cross and it could change the trail a little.

Some of us sit, some pray, some give thanks, show kindness, show love. Some of us wear certain clothes, paint our faces, wear a symbol around our neck. We can take different ideas from different areas and make them our own or we can follow one idea or religion. There are no rules, at least none that I can see. By honouring each other’s practices we can come together and be stronger and make amazing positive changes.

I feel we should all be open, embrace our beliefs and differences, embrace our own personal changes and be confident, open and respectful. I love to get on my mat and make each movement an offering. I feel something bigger, a belonging. For me my yoga practice is often more than poses. I dream of a world regardless of differing faiths we can all move and breath together, as one. I hope you can open your arms to whatever guides you and feel gratitude for all this life has to offer you.

“My religion is simple. My religion is kindness” Dalai Lama.


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