Tuesday, 21 August 2012


"Through out the years, I have noticed the tendency in myself and others to think that we must practice Boot-camp yoga, that is, the poses must be difficult, even painful, to be beneficial and worthwhile. Sadly, we do not practice to find the comfortable, but to overcome ourselves and conquer the pose. In reality, our thoughts about the poses reflect our thoughts about ourselves. It is not uncommon for students to berate themselves with self-judging internal dialogue during practice. " Judith Lasater, from the book"Living your yoga"
Not only do I agree with this statement but I see it both in my students and even in my self. Using our yoga practice as a way to measure our self worth. Comparing ourselves to other students in the room. Judging our ability or in ability.

When you examine what it means to be an "advanced" yoga practitioner (especially when you dive deep into ancient texts like the Bhagavad Gita or Patanjali's yoga sutras) it's not about how well you can bend your body or balance on your hands. It's about your attitude. How you choose to show up on your mat.

Will it be another opportunity for self judgement or will you acknowledge your tendencies to do this and choose to respond differently. To be kind and compassionate with your self for that day.

Will you choose to see that another students accomplishments is not a reflection of your failures, yet a reflection of your potential. The un bound beauty behind this practice is that the more you soften and let go, the deeper you will see that you're already right where you're supposed to be.

"The only real success in life is living with an open loving heart" Judith Lasater, from the book"Living your yoga" 

Let yoga be a practice of SELF LOVE!


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