Thursday, 9 August 2012

You CAN do it!

I went for a run yesterday on the beach.

I'm NOT a runner, to be honest unless someone is chasing me I tend to stay away from that kind of exercise all together. I prefer hikes, or cycling, aerobics class, Zumba or yoga of course. CJ's the runner between the two of us.

Either way, I was at the beach leading a yoga class and afterwards I just felt this desire to run along the walk way, get a little sweat on and feel my heart beat. So I tied my new running shoes on tight, wrapped my keys around my wrist and headed down the path.

It was a beautiful day, blue skies, warm sunshine and a soft breeze off the ocean. Perfect in my books.

It wasn't long before my heart was racing, legs were aching and lungs were burning. I realised a moment later that this was where I usually gave up and stopped running, a brisk walk in other words, usually resulting in a feeling of disappointment and self judgement or criticising how "out of shape" I am.

So as I noticed my old habits creeping up I made a decision, more out of curiosity than anything that I would keep going and be ok with the intense sensations my body was experiencing.

I steady out my pace, and started focusing on deep breathing, long inhale through my nose, long exhale out my mouth, (traditional in & out nose breathing wasn't going to happen in this moment). I made a decision that I was going to keep this pace and this breath for as long as I could until I reached the other side of the beach.

It really wasn't that far.

"I can do it" I repeated to myself over & over again.

Well, I did it. My heart rate still high but was ok, my lungs were working well and my legs started feeling strong and capable. I WAS JOGGING! In my world, this is amazing!

Our habitual tendencies usually drive our every day routines and thought patterns, sometimes leaving us feeling out of control or hopelessly defeated. There are times when our habits serve us and our lives and other times it inhibits us from trying or breaking out of old "I can't" and fearful beliefs of ourselves.

The reality is we're capable of doing ANYTHING we want to do. So next time you find yourself in an intense moment, maybe a moment you would normally give up, ask yourself why? And know that you have a choice in the matter. Even if your choice is to not do it.

Love and light,

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