Thursday, 25 October 2012


Fear can make you stand perfectly still even when your brain is screaming move. It can cause us to speak when we wish we were silent, run from things we know we want and hold us back from living in the moment or of a life we desire. We fear failure as well as success. Fear makes our knees weak and our pulse race but it can also help us. It can alert us of danger. It is hard to know in our body true fear, the fear we should listen to or the fear we need to overcome.

I have feared falling upside down for way too long and with the help of my teacher and friend Ryan I am overcoming this fear. He taught me to fall. Simple. Just to fall. But in learning to fall or experiencing falling I learned so much more. I didn’t die or break anything. I did it and I got back up and did it again. It was so exhilarating! I saw how much I have been holding myself back due to the fear of falling. Not just in upside down poses but in life. I am just fine if I fall, in fact I felt better having tried it and fallen than always having that wall behind me to keep me from falling.

We are all different, our goals, our dreams, our passions and our fears. What scares me may come easy to you and thankfully because sometimes we need people upside down and sometimes we need people on their feet. The challenge is learning what fears are real, are there to warn us of potential danger and the fears that are hiding something else entirely. I am certainly not suggesting that you do handstand in the middle of the room if you haven’t been working to it or go bungee jumping tomorrow but I do think there is something so empowering about taking a moment to listen to our fears and maybe challenge some of them a little. We are all so much more capable of great things than we give ourselves credit for. Let’s not look back one day after our fears stood in our way and say "I wish I did that, let’s look back and laugh while we say, "can you believe I did that?"


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Put a little love into it!

CJ's post on Kale got me thinking about food. Which reminded me that,

I love to cook!

I love to cook for other people. 
My hubby & I on our honeymoon in Bali taking a cooking class

It's my way of saying "I love you" or "Thank you". So when I cook, I put my love and appreciation into the meal. I think of the people I'm cooking for. I use special ingredients and do the prep work necessary so I'm not stressed when I'm cooking. And overall, my meals taste good.

Now don't get me wrong. I work full time too, so YES, I do on occasion throw a quick jarred pasta sauce over noodles, or make breakfast for dinner. And who doesn't have "left over night"?

What I am saying is that when you put LOVE as your highest intention, food tastes better. LIFE tastes good.

May you put a little love into what you're
doing today and notice what happens?

From my heart to yours,

P.S. I love to EAT too.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Great Green Leaf

Kale seems to be the topic of conversation with me a lot. After years of fighting with the simple truth, I can not eat wheat, I have grown to love to research foods and how they can help my body be strong, my head find clarity and my energy rise or fall. I also love to hear what people are eating, new recipe ideas, or a new green things I have never heard of. I am often asked in the grocery store what am I going to do with all that kale? So, I thought I would share not just what I do with all that kale but a few resources that I like as well. I should write a disclaimer, I am in no way a chef. Honestly, cooking is not my thing, food is though. I am much happier to eat what my husband cooks, in fact we all are at my house!

Kale chips, I know you all eat them right? Well, if not, chop up that kale into larger than bite size pieces, put into a bowl with olive oil, Himalayan salt and massage it in. Throw it onto a baking sheet so it is not on top of each another and put it in the oven. Because ovens are all different I would start around 375, and check a few minutes in. You want it to be crispy. It cools quickly, the rest is self explanatory, enjoy!

I sauté kale in a small frying pan with olive oil and water and add it to everything from rice dishes, pasta, eggs and as a dish on it’s own.

I eat kale raw dipped in hummus!!! Love this one!

I also add it to smoothies with fruit for my kids and they love it.

These are just a few ways that I enjoy that great green leaf, there are much more creative ways you will find I’m sure. And yes, please share.

Here are two places I sometimes find some good information or just inspiration from the pictures alone.
My friend Jessica has great recipes (and video cooking classes) the easiest way to find her right now is through facebook but she also has a great website.

I also like on facebook. Young and Raw and Chris Carr.

Chris Carr is everywhere on the Internet but I really enjoyed her book Crazy Sexy Diet.

Have fun.
Do yoga.
Eat Kale.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Short on time? TRY THIS!

Being a working mom, I always feel like I never have enough time in a day. Which means I usually put myself at the bottom of my to do list, which affects my yoga practice. Squeezing in time for me to move, breath and release unnecessary tension is tough to incorporate in an already hectic schedule.

Recently the only way I can get time to practice is if I practice with my daughter and husband at home before dinner. My daughter is 3 years old, so as you can imagine this isn't any easy task, convincing her to give Mommy some space. My husband being understanding does his best to keep her entertained, but it usually ends up with her crying outside of our "yoga room" door, until I open it and console her. UGH!

So I've recently come up with a solution. One I hope you will try, when you find yourself in a similar situation.

I have a small portable digital clock/timer, which I use when I'm teaching or practicing Yin yoga.
This is the one I use. There are many on the market. Check out kitchen stores. 
I set it for the length of time I want to practice, usually 45 minutes. I give the timer to Stella and tell her that she can only come get me from the yoga room when it beeps. We make it into a game.  I get her excited about it, my husband helps. I set it and rush off to do my yoga.

As I lie in Svasana (final relaxation pose), resting peacefully I hear "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" and then the heavy footsteps of a 3 year old running up the stairs. She flings open the door and jumps on me with enthusiasm.

We move on with the rest of our evening, every one feeling happy and settled. WORKS like a charm.

Hope it works for you too.

Post Yoga BLISS!