Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Put a little love into it!

CJ's post on Kale got me thinking about food. Which reminded me that,

I love to cook!

I love to cook for other people. 
My hubby & I on our honeymoon in Bali taking a cooking class

It's my way of saying "I love you" or "Thank you". So when I cook, I put my love and appreciation into the meal. I think of the people I'm cooking for. I use special ingredients and do the prep work necessary so I'm not stressed when I'm cooking. And overall, my meals taste good.

Now don't get me wrong. I work full time too, so YES, I do on occasion throw a quick jarred pasta sauce over noodles, or make breakfast for dinner. And who doesn't have "left over night"?

What I am saying is that when you put LOVE as your highest intention, food tastes better. LIFE tastes good.

May you put a little love into what you're
doing today and notice what happens?

From my heart to yours,

P.S. I love to EAT too.

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