Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fresh eyes

On Monday we got our home carpets professionally cleaned, they needed of a little extra TLC. So in preparation for this we (my daughter, husband & I) moved toys and small furniture out of particular rooms. When doing this we decided to put my daughters art easel by our kitchen table.

This has turned out to be the best thing we ever did. Stella has always enjoyed using the art easel, however recently Stella has been feeling bored, and lost with fun activities to do. I try my best to make suggestions or make up fun games to play with, however even I have been in a rut with my mommy ideas. Just simply moving the art easel into the kitchen has added a whole new level of fun. We've been doing arts & crafts with food scraps and leaves we bring in from the back yard. We've been drawing pictures of the meals we eat and enjoying the time we play together in the kitchen.

It was such a simple move. An easy change that we cultivated that added a new feeling and expanded our perspective.

We all get into a rut now and then. Whether it's the same food you eat or meals you create every week or the games you play with your kids. You don't need to go spend a bunch of money on new toys, or different cook books, just try a new recipe from an old book, or move an old toy into a new room. Maybe clean out your closet and fall in love with an old piece of clothing. Maybe try your favourite Yoga class from and see it with fresh eyes.

Don't underestimate the power of simplicity.

Love & light,

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