Thursday, 15 November 2012

'Tis the Season to be BUSY

At certain points through out the year my schedule gets CRAZY busy. Well, it's that time of year for me and seems like others too.

When I'm busy my "to do" lists are never ending, which drives me mad. I feel like I'm doing so much, but nothing within the skillful means I long to accomplish them in. In other words I'm doing too much and nothing very well. UGH!

After observing this for a few years now, I've come up with a few tricks to help me get through the busy times with a playful attitude and less stress. So I thought I would share a few with you, in hopes that one or two will assist you in your crazyness.

Write down your "To Do's" on a piece of paper or white erase board. Whenever you cross something off your list, celebrate that accomplishment. I celebrate with a Hot chocolate from Mink Chocolate Cafe, MMmmm! Sometimes, my celebration is a dance party in my living room, or a hot Epsom salt bath with my book. When I've really finished something, like a project or a event, I celebrate with a pedicure. Now that rocks! Can really be anything you desire, big or small just celebrate one thing done. Will help you feel like you're getting things accomplished even when there's more on the list.

Standing tall and stacking the body in optimal alignment (feet rooted, knees bent, shoulders back, chest lifted, head up) helps increase the levels of testosterone in the body which helps decrease the stress hormone, cortisol. We all need a little De-stressing at times, but this will even help build self confidence and body awareness. In Yoga we call this "TADASANA" or Mountain pose.

I don't know about you, but when I'm busy I eat poorly, grabbing anything in the fridge or cupboards that will tie me over. Knowing this about myself, I now plan for "on the go" foods to help me in these situation. I have containers of fresh clean cut veggies ready to dip in hummus or cashew butter. I have Smoothies prepared in my fridge for the morning rush or Steel cut Oats in my rice cooker ready for me to flick the button while I shower. I even make extra food at dinner time so I have leftovers as lunch the next day. Research shows that choosing complex carbohydrates keeps blood sugar levels stable, helping you feel more balanced through out your busy day. Check this Blog out, she's got great busy food ideas,

Do Your Yoga - MAKE TIME FOR YOU! was made for YOU, busy people. Whether you have 15 mins or 90 minutes there's a yoga class here waiting for you. All you need is Internet access, so grab your computer, log onto apple TV, or pick up your tablet and get going. BLISS awaits you.

With you on this path,

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