Wednesday, 26 December 2012

What will you remember?

"We do not remember days,
We remember moments." 
Cesarean Pavese

As 2012 ends and we move into 2013, I've been reminiscing about all the incredible memories from the past year and reflecting on all that I'm grateful for.

Something I do every year.
Something I hope you'll consider over the next week.

What are the stand out moments for 2012?
What are you most grateful for or what have you learned from the past year?

May you move into this next year with courage and enthusiasm. 
May you take with you the moments from 2012 and continue to be grateful for all that you have here and now.

Love Lauren

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Memories

I just returned home from the sing along at my daughter’s school. The pure joy in the faces of the kids as they sang, danced and even rocked it out gangnam style reminded me exactly what Christmas is about. We are celebrating joy, freedom and peace. Family, friends and neighbours. We are celebrating community and compassion for one another. We are just celebrating life.

Although my memories of Christmas do include a couple gifts, the cabbage patch kid that I’m sure Santa had to run around everywhere for or my brothers new bike that was so big he thought it was for my Dad, most of my memories are of moments. I remember gluing cotton on snowmen and then sending glitter all over it. Wearing my pajamas in the Christmas concert at school. Our tree always had one long branch at the very top that stuck straight up, always. The angel was way up there hanging on for dear life. We always listened to the Elvis Presley Blue Christmas and John Denver and the Muppets records while we decorated it. We would visit my grandparents. My Gramma and Papa always had the same small tree that went into the basement with the same decorations and came up each year and we all loved it. Not a single piece of tinsel moved. They had After Eight mints and we left with rosy cheeks from my Papa's whiskers. My other grandparents would keep us all awake as they chatted in bed together long into the night. This Grandma made mean boiled onions. I loved standing in her kitchen with everyone debating if my grandparents fridge was too cold or too hot while at the same time everyone was rushing around getting dinner made. Christmas lights. Watching the first snowfall each year through the window at night and excited for the next morning then building awesome runways to sled on.

These are my memories of this time year. They are memories of play and being with family and friends, celebrating life. It is a time to share, to give, to sing and to laugh. I am enjoying making more with my kids, my husband, our families, new friends and long time friends.

I wish each and every one of you joy, freedom, peace and I hope a lot of laughter with loved ones this holiday and of course some time to play in the snow.

With Love,

He puzzled and puzzled till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. Maybe Christmas, he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps… means a little bit more! 

-How the Grinch Stole Christmas-

I just love this bird, that's why. Happy Holiday.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

"A dream is a wish your heart makes!"

Carli-Jean and I started from a BIG dream.

A dream that allowed even the busiest person an opportunity to take time for themselves, move their body and connect to that deeper place within themselves, their heart.

For us this meant a website that gave people unlimited access to a continuous stream of online yoga classes. A site that gave yoga teachers and yoga studios an opportunity to showcase who they are and what they stand for. We wanted to capture as much of the "real, authentic" feel of a yoga studio as we could, without making the students in the classes feel uncomfortable or distracted.

We dreamed of a business structure that would allow us to not only do more yoga, but also have a flexible schedule so we can be with our families.

We dreamed of a company that would support the dreams of every one involved!

Because of YOU our dream has come true! celebrated it's 1st birthday on Dec.1/2012.

I wake up every morning grateful that I get to share my love of yoga with you. Thank you for caring enough about yourself to take time in your busy week to practice yoga with us. Please know that Carli-Jean and I don't take this lightly. We continue to work with a team of people to improve the simplicity and user friendly quality of the site, so you can get to what we really know you want to do, YOGA, faster and easier.

We are also so excited about 2013 and all the incredible yoga studios and teachers we have lined up for the new year. You can see us travel far and wide to find you those special studios and teachers, who have dedicated their lives to yoga and are now ready to share what they've discovered with YOU.

May you continue to DREAM BIG!

"A Dream is a wish your heart makes"
My daughters favorite movie right now, Cinderella.

Love, Lauren & CJ

Thursday, 6 December 2012


“Leave space for the unknown.” This is a quote from our friend Ashley.

A true story of following your heart, making space for something unexpected and living your dream. I am going to tell you a little about this inspiring women and her journey with her equally inspiring partner Matt and how together they found Mala Imports. I must mention my original blog was even longer as their story has so much to it but I shortened it so you could get to work or yoga or wherever your day may lead you, on time! When you meet these two beautiful people and I hope you do, please ask them to share more.

Ashley and Matt were on a trip to explore the other side of the world when they decided to head to Bali. While walking into a yoga class at the Yoga Barn, Ashley noticed some beautiful Malas being sold in the foyer. She instantly fell in love with one purely because it was so beautiful, at the time not knowing the significance of the beads. Ashley left her class only to find the necklace she loved the most had been sold. Later she discovered it was Matt who had bought it for her.

They did some research on the beads, called Rudraksha and soon discovered the healing and spiritual properties of a true bead as well as the use of the beads in meditation and prayer. They fell in love with the beads even more. They returned later to buy more for themselves and as gifts to bring back home.

On route to Thailand a lady with the name Soma approached them on the plane, sat next to them and started talking. Later, when Matt put down his book, ("Screw it, Let’s do it." -- fitting as you will see). Soma noticed Matt’s bracelet and asked him where he got it. They told her the story and she replied with,"I made them." Soma had been instructed by her Guru to make the jewelry because it will make peace in the world and she was to get it out to the West where it is needed most. So she started making them and you can see where I am going, after writing her name and number in Matt's book now Matt and Ashley work with her and you can find these beautiful Malas popping up everywhere.

This journey was unexpected. They both had very different plans but also had space for something new. Space to put themselves out there and go for it. Together Matt and Ashley worked day and night to follow a dream of having these beads here. After less than two years you can find these beads in many studios as well as stores.

What I love about this story most is that, as Ashley said, they left space for the unknown. They had different plans and both have amazing opportunities in other businesses but they left space. Space for something unplanned, unknown, for an adventure. As she said this to me I thought, “Amazing, I am going to go create some space!” I have plans, I like plans, I like to know ahead of time what is happening. Sometimes things are thrown at me and I don’t have the space to take it, to just go with it and say yes! But, I am going to bring “making space” into my life and into my practice. I hope you will join me with this adventure of letting go of what is not needed and making space for the unknown.