Thursday, 10 January 2013

Date Night

My husband Cam has been struggling with a tight, sore back for a few years now. I gave him a short yoga sequence a year ago and he's been diligent about doing it before and after work. He's seen small improvements and has become more curious about yoga. So this year he told me his new years resolution was to do more yoga. I was instantly excited. As we continued the discussion, he asked me if I would lead him on a regular basis. I told him he should use, as I'm usually tired when I get home from teaching and prefer not to teach another class. Plus, I'm gonna be honest here, he really doesn't take yoga direction from me very well. :)

When I mentioned how easy was, he said to me "I just wish I could do it off the big screen TV".

I immediately said, "You Can".

So we took a trip to Staples and bought a AV adaptor for our Ipad. Came home hooked it up to our HDMI cable from our TV and BAM, on the big screen. Cam was over the moon. I was too!

Seeing how easy it was we both agreed to a Yoga date, every Thursday night after our daughter went to bed. And I have to admit, I'm loving it too. Not only, do I get to practice yoga with some of my favourite people from a business I'm passionate about, but I also get to connect with my husband.

A workout buddy isn't a new concept. Having a friend or partner to help motivate you and keep you accountable has always proven to be effective. What I want to remind you is that it's also fun and meaningful.

So call your friend, email your sister or plan a date with your partner. Fire up the computer, or open your tablet and pick the Yoga class right for you. I promise you'll feel amazing and your yoga buddy will want to do it again too.

See you Thursday night,

Love, Lauren

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