Thursday, 17 January 2013

Don't just do something....

What would you think if you found out that all you needed to do to meditate was sit quietly in a chair or on the floor for five minutes and this could have the potential to create clarity, space and even more time in your day.

I have struggled with meditation and tried a few different ways of approaching it. For close to 3 weeks I got up at 5am and did a walking meditation, I also spent 40 days doing ten minutes a day of Sat Kriya (a breathing exercise with your arms stretched up over your head). I have tried setting my kitchen timer and just focusing on not focusing, (really) and I have tried guided meditations.

I am at it again, I am currently on day 8 of a 40 day challenge and I am loving it. What I have learned from books, the Internet, articles and my friends that have a strong mediation practice is that there is no right way to meditate but it is definitely worth the time and practice. It is simply just finding some time in your day to connect to yourself. If your mind wanders to the grocery list or the laundry just accept it and bring it back to the breath. If this is still challenging, try a guided meditation. Or just try sending your focus to something that brings you joy. Maybe try repeating a mantra over and over in your head. Just sit with it, without judgment or worry. You may be amazed to find that not only does five minutes fly by but that you will have more clarity and energy in your day.

I will offer a small piece of advice from experience, lock any doors to prevent your 4 year old from sneaking up behind you and yelling BOO!


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