Thursday, 3 January 2013

Salute the New Year

Stand tall, bring your feet together and feel the earth under toes. As you lift your kneecaps feel the energy from the earth begin lift up into your body. Bring your hands together at your heart. Have gratitude for yourself, your strength, your commitment, your ability to change, to adapt, to see the good first.

Take a breath. Have gratitude for those who have guided you, questioned you, made you straighter, stonger, and fight harder for what you want from life. For those that have taught you to walk gentler, laugh freely, brought love and light into your life. 

Inhale and reach your arms up to the sky. To the stars, to the unknown, to a New Year of new adventures. Bring your palms together, exhale and draw this energy into your heart and fold forward. Inhale and bring your hands to your shins as you lift your heart forward and lengthen your spine. Make space. Exhale fold forward bend your knees as you plant your hands onto the earth, step your feet back into downward dog. As you breath, lengthen you spine, make space for the new year and all it has to offer, make space to breath deeper, make space to let go. Move your body, your hips, your legs until you feel a stillness take over. Then breath into the stillness.

Inhale and shift your weight forward into plank, either lower your knees to the ground or strengthen your thighs. Draw your belly in and feel how strong your body is. Feel the support of the earth under you hands. Melt you heart and as you exhale begin to lower your body to the ground. Press your hands firmly into the earth and then draw them towards your toes and lift your heart up and forward for cobra. Take an extra breath here and feel the expansion of your heart. Exhale and lower, tuck your toes and move through child's pose into downward dog. Breath deeply. Take five long cleansing breaths here. Exhale and let go of what no longer serves you. Inhale and make space for something new and unknown.

On your next inhale bend your kness and step or hop gently between your hands. Exhale fold. Press your feet into the ground and as you inhale reach your hands out wide and up to the sky. Reach for all your dreams, your goals, reach big and reach high. As you exhale bring your palms together and draw this energy into your heart. Close your eyes and stand tall. Feel this energy, this prana, life force racing through your body. Let it fill you. Let it inspire you and give you strength. Breath.

Slowly open your eyes. May you have a year of peace, of pure bliss, adventure, strength and most of all love. Namaste.


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