Thursday, 24 January 2013


I've always been a very sensitive person. Able to feel the emotions of others and be deeply moved by my own. At a young age this was challenging for a few reasons. One, no one in my family ever seemed to empathise with my, sometimes over the top sensitivity to people, places and situations. Secondly, I didn't understand or empathise with myself, so most of the time I felt confused and self conscious.

I used to get comments like "Lauren, stop being so serious!" or would hear from behind "Lauren's just REALLY Sensitive!" UGH!

Well, as I got older and evolved as a person, woman and eventually mother I grew to appreciate my sensitivity and see it as a gift. Especially within the Yoga world, it's served me in many ways. Along this path I've had many teachers who've helped me manage my gift. Yoga teachers, Counsellors, psychologists, and my sister (Caroline) who's ability to Laugh at life and let things roll off her shoulders helped show me how to detach (when I needed to, of course).

Caroline is hilarious! Usually in a silly, look at me kind of a way. At Christmas time she would put on all of the clothes she got. Sounds normal I know, but she would put them all on top of each other, usually looking like the Michelin tire man. Couldn't help but laugh. She always has a bad joke for you and her Mike Myers, Fat Bastard impression is priceless.

Caroline sees the importance of laughter and uses it as an opportunity to lighten the mood or create some perspective. Now she's the middle child in the family so there's probably some psychological reason behind her behaviour, however today I just simply see it as a gift. She is my inspiration behind laughing loudly and doing my best not to sweat the small things. To see the Good FIRST even when times are tough.

Thank you Caroline for your bright light in my life. I am a better woman because of you.

May we all be reminded to not be SO Serious! See the joy in the moment and laugh loudly!
My family this Christmas (2012), just missing my brother mark, he already jumped out of shot!


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