Thursday, 14 February 2013

Fill Up

Yesterday after school, my son and I picked up my daughter and we headed to the skate park with our bikes. When we got there we saw a nine year old boy ripping it up with his skateboard. He was clearly having fun but was also quite cautious. After awhile I started chatting with his Mom and she quickly told me that two years ago his hip started hurting and was diagnosed with a rare disease that basically disintegrated parts of his hip. He was quickly in a wheelchair. He had since undergone stem cell surgery and slowly he was working his way back. They have no idea if it will last or if he will recover totally. His Mom told me that he probably shouldn't be on a skateboard but it fills his spirit and she believes that spirit is much more important that his hip. She wants him to be happy and feel fulfilled and by watching him, anyone could tell he was.

This story inspires me in so many ways. When my spirit is fulfilled everything else just falls into place in my life. At different times I need different things to do this but we all know the feeling. The bliss after yoga, a good laugh with friends, a cuddle with kids or puppies or a good ride at the skate park. the feeling where nothing can break you. It is so important to take time out to fill ourselves up. If we want to serve and make positive change in this lifetime we need to be ready and we need to feel strong. Take some time to run on the beach, call a friend or do whatever you need to do to fill you spirit. Fill it up the way you fill your body with air. Fill yourself up so that red lights and long grocery store line ups make you appreciate extra time to just chill. Fill up so you can enjoy what life has to offer and so you can spread laughter and love. Fill up your spirit because it is important.

Thankful for the people I meet along the way,

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