Thursday, 21 February 2013

How do you Trap a monkey?

In Yoga, there are many mythological stories or old anecdotes that were shared from teacher to student as a way of teaching a lesson or initiating a practice. These stories aren't meant to be taken literally, but metaphorically. You're meant to meditate on them, talk about them and then translate them into your language and understanding of life for that moment. 

Here's one that always seems to spark some thought for me;

How do you trap a monkey? 
Well, you get a bottle that has a small opening but a large base. In that bottle you place a handful of nuts in it and place it in the backyard (this story takes place in India, so don't imagine your white picket fenced yard with a flower garden and trampoline). 
The monkey will come and put his hand in the bottle and grab an handful of nuts. When he goes to pull his hand out and eat the nuts he won't be able to get his hand out, because the opening is to small. You've now trapped the monkey.

If the monkey would just let go of the nuts he would free himself from the suffering of this circumstance. He wouldn't be trapped!

Sometimes, we hold on to things for way too long. We let it eat at us and create unnecessary suffering. 

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to get REAL with yourself and get know was is and isn't serving you any longer. Then be brave enough to let it go, to surrender it to something bigger. To FREE YOURSELF!

What does this story say to you?


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