Thursday, 28 February 2013

Savasana...... more than a nap.

I was having a conversation about yoga with a friend of mine and I recommended this great teacher where we live. My friend told me that she has tried her classes and likes her but could I believe that she made them lie on their backs, then turned out the lights and take a nap at the end?!?! I loved this comment and we laughed together while I  explained that she is not the only teacher known to do this, it is called savasana.

Savasana can be, in my opinion, one the most challenging postures. It takes practice like every other posture but once we let go, embrace it and soften we may find that we are able to practice this posture from a different perspective and maybe even enjoy, or absolutely love it.

Some days savasana is why I show up. Savasana is the completion to my practice, it helps me connect to myself, it relieves stress as I melt into mat, and it replenishes my body after all the other asanas I have just completed. Where else can I work hard to challenge my muscles, my balance, my inner chatter, stretch it out and then be given time to lie down and let it all sink it?

I have no big words of wisdom when it comes to better enjoying savansa except practice and embrace it. And what a wonderful pose to practice. There is no pressure, just relax and let go.

Below is a link to a lovely guided savasana with Tianne. I hope you can find time today to enjoy it.

With Gratitude,

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