Thursday, 7 March 2013

What's with AUM!

AUM also known as OM, is the unstruck sound of the universe. If everything were to turn off (how amazing would that be) than what would be left is this gentle hum........A gentle AUM, emulating from every living thing, just like a computer fan hums once it's been running for awhile.

When we chant the sound of AUM in a yoga class (or anywhere) we tap into this ancient and universal sound. A sound that is millions of years old, an energy that is a wise and sacred stream from which we can envelope that moment in. Making that moment special, even sacred.

I remember the first time I heard the sound of AUM. The yoga teacher started without cue and his voice was loud and confident. I felt overwhelmed by the sound and ultimately uncomfortable in the experience. It took a number of yoga classes before I felt courageous enough to try. Courageous enough to chant the sound of AUM with my fellow yogi's.

When I did, I felt a sense of community. A sense of gathering with the people in the class, like bonding over a unique experience. I now find it weird when I don't chant the sound of AUM before or after a yoga practice.

It's very normal to feel uncomfortable when trying new things, especially when it asks you to be vulnerable and do something that may be out of the norm for you. What I hope to explain to you here is that the sound of Aum makes things sacred or special. It envelopes the space or practice you are doing like an orchestra does at a symphony and it connects you to the bigger energy stream that runs within each person (every living thing).

So when you chant the sound of AUM at the beginning (and end) of a yoga class you are connecting to this universal energy that reminds you how important you are. That this time you spend on your yoga mat, moving, connecting, breathing is sacred time just for you. Time to remember the larger than life universe from which you are apart of.

So why not, give it a try!

Here's a great YouTube video that you can use as a guide when practicing AUM (OM) at home.
*Disclaimer, she does refer to GOD, in this video, so if that word freaks you out, than please consider replacing that word with universe or nature. God in my opinion is a word. Words have power, words also have different meaning. Yoga is NOT religious, however it is spiritual and spirituality to me, means living with an open heart.

With you on this path,

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