Thursday, 14 March 2013

That's my spot.

I ran into a friend today that practices yoga at a place that I often go to. I hadn’t been this week so I asked her how her classes were. Her face got stretched, her arms shot right over her head and she looked like she was going to scream. She replied. “Someone was in MY spot!!! Both times I went!” She went on to explain to me very intensely that there are two girls that also like her spot and if they beat her there they fill the entire space around her spot so she can’t even get close. Can you believe them? So she decided that she would go an hour early to get her spot, which would have been fine if it wasn’t for the man next to her, breathing. She continued to tell me how her practice was completely ruined due to either not being in her spot or to getting there early only to get her spot but being beside a man who breaths. Oh and he also sweats, in this HOT yoga class. I asked her why she didn’t just try a different spot? (I think the breathing and sweating in hot yoga is not even something I could reply to with a straight face.) But why not try a new spot?

I get it. I have spots I like, teachers I like, styles I like and then when I am expecting that spot or teacher and I get a surprise it can throw me. It also over and over has proven to be the unexpected surprises where I have found the most amazing practices. Teachers I may not have tried or styles I wouldn’t have tried or a even a new spot.

Just like life. We plan to go one way and then sometimes the road opens in the opposite direction. We have a choice, take the adventure and go with it or try to bush wack our way through the path we planned just because we planned it. Sometimes the path unplanned leads to most amazing journey.

Let's enjoy the path and the practice wherever it leads, even if it has led us to a new adventure, an unexpected change or a new spot in our yoga class.

With gratitude,

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