Thursday, 25 April 2013

Completely whole, lacking nothing!

The wise teachers of yoga remind us that we, as beings we lack nothing. That innately we are complete and whole. 

knowing this from studying yoga, I understand the idea behind the statement and believe it, yet still find myself seeking outside validation on a regular basis. It's amazing how even in my every day conversations I look for approval, "eh"?

Some say it's because I've grown up in Canada and we all tend to be passive aggressive (like my above example). However I have friends all over North America and they would agree with what I'm saying too.

So I wonder, why is it that I can see the wholeness of others easier than I can see it within myself? What has happened along the path that I have forgotten my "oneness", that I have lost tract of who I am inside?

Maybe it comes from my early days when being told "no" or "don't do that". Maybe it comes from my adolescents, when I looked for male attention by wearing low cut tops or short skirts. Or what about those days when you're so caught up in the daily grind and can't seem to see anything other than the chaos around & within.

Either way, it's clear I've lost my way.

I see now, that the good news is, that just by knowing what I do, that we are innately whole and complete beings, I have opened my heart to the moments when I REMEMBER!

Moments, like I had today. Staring at the big beautiful eyes of my brand new baby nephew Baker. His soft, fuzzy skin so fresh and new. His sweet warm 6lb body pressed against mine and the look of joy in my sisters eyes.
Baby Baker Goode, born April 24th 2013

I remember just by looking at him, that we are perfect! Lacking of Nothing! Completely whole! Completely ONE! Seeing it in him, reminded me that at one time we were all like him, fresh from the womb, full of Love.

May we all aspire to let go of external influences and trust that what we desire already resides within the infant in each of us.

Love & Light,

Friday, 19 April 2013

Introducing JEFF MAH - "The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything"

CJ & I are Honoured to share with you a thoughtful posting from one of our talented teachers, Jeff Mah. Thank you Jeff, for your honest & loving approach to everything. Xo 

I remember way back when, in the beginning years of my yoga practice, a good friend of mine was opening up a studio in my hometown. Being a pretty grassroots kind of guy, he decided to start up a teacher training with the hope that the graduates would eventually teach with him.

While I had no expectations of teaching (I had another career at the time - and teaching yoga seemed preposterous, thank you very much!) the chance to learn more was too great an opportunity to pass up.
Within the first few weeks of the training, I distinctly remember something he said, "Jeff, The way you do anything, is the way you do everything."  It was catchy, like a  message in a good fortune cookie, but over time, it really started to sink in. 

I started to find myself noticing my actions more and more. If this is how I do this, is this really how I am when I do other stuff? At first, it was easy. I was completely in love with my yoga practice, and felt,  "I love this! I love practicing! That must mean I do everything with love and passion! I ROCK!"

But then bigger stuff arose - mainly the parts of life off of the mat that I wasn't so thrilled about. Like getting paperwork for taxes ready, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the car, fulfilling obligations, etc. 

That little fortune cookie expression started to weight more heavily on me. Hmmm... If the way I do anything is the way I do everything, perhaps I should step it up and approach (insert undesirable task here) with a whole lot more care and enthusiasm...

And that's when things really started to change in my life. Realizing that all my actions had a weight to them, my degree of awareness grew. Things that I used to sluff off, I started to care about. The way I interacted with people changed. I became more consistent, and as the polarities in my life started to shrink,  I saw fewer distinctions between good and bad. 

Today as a teacher, I feel that just watching someone practice for an hour, I can really learn a lot about them. Within the poses I can see how someone responds to challenge, how strong their ego grips them, how mindful they are, etc, etc because the poses reveal the bigger picture

While I certainly can't profess to being anywhere near perfect, I can say that by following that little idea:

           "The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything" 

I'm a lot more aware of how I live this life. 

May we all grow our awareness and see how even our smallest actions reflect us.
Big hug and hope to cross paths,

Jeff - For More information on Jeff or to catch one of his amazing Yoga classes, click here!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Be Naked

Thanks to our "Be Naked Do Yoga at home" t-shirts, stickers, posters... we are starting to get a wee bit of a reputation as the Naked Yoga business! At first I kept pointing out the "at home" part with a laugh but when it came up the other day while I was wearing my shirt, someone pointed out, isn't all yoga about getting naked? YES! It is.

Yoga is about finding your truth and getting to the heart. Letting go of the extra stuff we carry around and being vulnerable, open, in the moment and in a sense being naked. When we let go of all these things we are free, we are open to new experience, we are able to connect to ourselves and to each other, we think less and feel more. Kids love running around naked, they don't worry how they look or who's watching they just like the freedom to be. And let's admit it, who doesn't like skinny dipping? It is great to be naked. And although it can be hard work to let go of the extra stuff we cloth ourselves with, if you get a single moment of the feeling of pure freedom and contentment of being "naked" and letting go, it is, in my opinion worth the work. So please get on your mat, get "naked" (however you choose) and enjoy the freedom that you can cultivate by letting go of the extra stuff we layer on ourselves.

This blog will not have a picture..... 

With Much Gratitude,

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Welcome the Goddess!

The way you feel about your body is a reflection of the way you feel about yourSELF. 

For years, I obsessed about scars on my body and the little imperfections left after having a child, like saggy boobs and extra love around my belly and inner thighs. So much, that I found myself trying to hide under clothes or avoid certain things like putting on a bathing suit. I did the comparison game where you compare yourself to other woman as a way of feeling less than or as a reminder that I'm not good enough. This is not a fun game, UGH!

Well, this just doesn't serve me and I refuse to continue this behaviour any longer. If not for myself, for my almost 4 year old daughter. 

I vividly remember my mom, who is exceptionally beautiful commenting on her body in a negative way and how much that upset me. I thought, well if she thinks she's fat with a six pack belly, than what must she think of ME?

Here's what I know; The way I feel about my body is a reflection of the way I feel about myself. When I compare myself to other woman, emphasizing the sometimes impossible differences between us, than what I'm really telling myself is that I'm not as good as her, or that I'm not of value.

When I step back and get some perspective on this (asking myself, is this attitude serving me any longer) I simply know it's not.

I am a woman! I am, strong, capable, vibrant, healthy. I love my shapely body and multi tasking mind. I love my sometimes fierce emotions and creative personality. I am beautiful!

I see that the Goddess I aspire to be, lives inside of me (Always) and all I need to do is step into that. Show up as the woman I know I am.

So next time you get out of the shower, face the mirror and close your eyes. Plant your feet firmly into the ground, draw your shoulders onto your back and extend through the top of your head. Remember all that you are, and then open your eyes and look in the mirror. Then welcome the GODDESS!

From my heart to yours,