Thursday, 11 April 2013

Be Naked

Thanks to our "Be Naked Do Yoga at home" t-shirts, stickers, posters... we are starting to get a wee bit of a reputation as the Naked Yoga business! At first I kept pointing out the "at home" part with a laugh but when it came up the other day while I was wearing my shirt, someone pointed out, isn't all yoga about getting naked? YES! It is.

Yoga is about finding your truth and getting to the heart. Letting go of the extra stuff we carry around and being vulnerable, open, in the moment and in a sense being naked. When we let go of all these things we are free, we are open to new experience, we are able to connect to ourselves and to each other, we think less and feel more. Kids love running around naked, they don't worry how they look or who's watching they just like the freedom to be. And let's admit it, who doesn't like skinny dipping? It is great to be naked. And although it can be hard work to let go of the extra stuff we cloth ourselves with, if you get a single moment of the feeling of pure freedom and contentment of being "naked" and letting go, it is, in my opinion worth the work. So please get on your mat, get "naked" (however you choose) and enjoy the freedom that you can cultivate by letting go of the extra stuff we layer on ourselves.

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With Much Gratitude,

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  1. How can I acquire a "Get Naked" shirt????

    In Love and Light,