Thursday, 25 April 2013

Completely whole, lacking nothing!

The wise teachers of yoga remind us that we, as beings we lack nothing. That innately we are complete and whole. 

knowing this from studying yoga, I understand the idea behind the statement and believe it, yet still find myself seeking outside validation on a regular basis. It's amazing how even in my every day conversations I look for approval, "eh"?

Some say it's because I've grown up in Canada and we all tend to be passive aggressive (like my above example). However I have friends all over North America and they would agree with what I'm saying too.

So I wonder, why is it that I can see the wholeness of others easier than I can see it within myself? What has happened along the path that I have forgotten my "oneness", that I have lost tract of who I am inside?

Maybe it comes from my early days when being told "no" or "don't do that". Maybe it comes from my adolescents, when I looked for male attention by wearing low cut tops or short skirts. Or what about those days when you're so caught up in the daily grind and can't seem to see anything other than the chaos around & within.

Either way, it's clear I've lost my way.

I see now, that the good news is, that just by knowing what I do, that we are innately whole and complete beings, I have opened my heart to the moments when I REMEMBER!

Moments, like I had today. Staring at the big beautiful eyes of my brand new baby nephew Baker. His soft, fuzzy skin so fresh and new. His sweet warm 6lb body pressed against mine and the look of joy in my sisters eyes.
Baby Baker Goode, born April 24th 2013

I remember just by looking at him, that we are perfect! Lacking of Nothing! Completely whole! Completely ONE! Seeing it in him, reminded me that at one time we were all like him, fresh from the womb, full of Love.

May we all aspire to let go of external influences and trust that what we desire already resides within the infant in each of us.

Love & Light,

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