Thursday, 20 June 2013

24 Teachers

This year I was given the amazing gift of teaching yoga to the grade one class that my daughter is in. When I was first asked to teach I planned and planned. What could I teach them? What could I offer them and how could I help them experience yoga bliss. How could I show them how yoga flows through postures to places off our mat when we step away. I was so focused on what could I teach them that it never occurred to me that I would soon become the student at an elementary school and 24 first graders would become my teachers.

They inspired me every class with their willingness to try. To open their hearts and their minds to a new experience. They danced, they moved in postures, they sat in OM circles creating vibrations that I'm sure rang through the school. They challenged each other and themselves. They fell. They got up. They made themselves fall just to get up. They found peace and stillness. 

The children did all this because they were open. They were open to a new adventure and they put their trust and faith in themselves to go for it. They didn't hold back or worry about the final result they just enjoyed the process. They showed me how to play more on my mat and to trust that if we continue to focus and continue to practice we move forward regardless of falling trees, giggling meditations or sudden urges to be upside down.

Thankful for all my 24 teachers,

A quote from a Firstie. "Yoga is the best sport in the world." 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Vinyasa What?

We at, get a lot of questions regarding what style of yoga to pick when doing online yoga with us. So I thought I would help with a bit of an explanation of Vinyasa or Flow Yoga.

The word "Vinyasa" in Sanskrit (ancient Indian language used often in a yoga class) means, to place in a special way.

So when you chime on to to do your daily or weekly yoga class and you click on a "Vinyasa" class please know that the teachers have sequenced the class in a specific way, so you can;

1. Open & stretch a particular area of your body
2. Cultivate a specific feeling within your body/heart
3. Create internal heat (Sweat/detox)

Which is why even within this particular style of yoga, you can experience a variety of different poses, sequences and even descriptions.

The Vinyasa method comes from the more traditional practice of yoga called "Ashtanga" yoga. Ashtanga yoga was created by a man named Pattabhi Jois, from Mysore India. This style of yoga has 6 specific series. With the guidance of a teacher (Guru) the students is given a series to practice daily, till their teacher advances them to the next posture or series of poses. The focus of these sequential series is on the breath and letting the breath lead you through the practice. It is a very vigorous practice, as you usually don't hold the postures longer than 5 breathes which creates a ton of internal heat (sweat in other words). Not only is Vinyasa Yoga a derivative of Ashtanga yoga, but also "Flow" yoga comes from the same roots. To learn more about Pattabhi Jois and Ashtanga yoga, check out his website

So the next time you decide to kick up your yoga practice and groove to a vinyasa style of yoga class, please consider the special way in which your teacher is guiding you and know that the way in which you place things can be special even off the yoga mat. It just takes an intention and mindfulness.

Helping you find the yoga right for YOU,

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Do you remember the feeling you would get when you were a child and it was so inappropriate to laugh that you silently sat shaking with tears rolling down your eyes. When you were stuck, as teenagers, to the carpet as you roll around laughing and just when you and your friends are almost in control you all sigh at the same time. There it goes again. The times you can't breath, your cheeks hurt, your stomach hurts. Milk out the nose.

We all love to laugh. Somewhere along the line we are, well most of us, somehow convinced that laughter should not be so wild. Milk flying, laying on the carpet out of breath or getting the uncontrollable giggles in the grocery store.

I must say, that laughter fuels me. It reminds me who I am and why. Whenever I get together with friends that make me laugh that jungle type of laugh, I always, without a doubt, feel amazing after.

Research is showing the benefits to laughter. It reduces stress hormones, the frequency of colds and other sicknesses. It improves memory and alertness. Protects the heart and gives your body a full workout. It also binds people together. It creates a oneness when we share laughter.
I feel that laughter is important and should be heard often and felt fully.

I have been so blessed in my life to have family and friends that really share my love of laughter. And we continue to share our laughter in person, over the phone, with silly cards or even texting.

May you all have a moment each day that you laugh fully. Just wait to drink the milk.

With Love and Laughter,


P.S. My husband just told me this should be funnier. I laughed.