Thursday, 6 June 2013


Do you remember the feeling you would get when you were a child and it was so inappropriate to laugh that you silently sat shaking with tears rolling down your eyes. When you were stuck, as teenagers, to the carpet as you roll around laughing and just when you and your friends are almost in control you all sigh at the same time. There it goes again. The times you can't breath, your cheeks hurt, your stomach hurts. Milk out the nose.

We all love to laugh. Somewhere along the line we are, well most of us, somehow convinced that laughter should not be so wild. Milk flying, laying on the carpet out of breath or getting the uncontrollable giggles in the grocery store.

I must say, that laughter fuels me. It reminds me who I am and why. Whenever I get together with friends that make me laugh that jungle type of laugh, I always, without a doubt, feel amazing after.

Research is showing the benefits to laughter. It reduces stress hormones, the frequency of colds and other sicknesses. It improves memory and alertness. Protects the heart and gives your body a full workout. It also binds people together. It creates a oneness when we share laughter.
I feel that laughter is important and should be heard often and felt fully.

I have been so blessed in my life to have family and friends that really share my love of laughter. And we continue to share our laughter in person, over the phone, with silly cards or even texting.

May you all have a moment each day that you laugh fully. Just wait to drink the milk.

With Love and Laughter,


P.S. My husband just told me this should be funnier. I laughed.

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