Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cleaning House

This weeks post is from one of our lovely yoga teachers, Candi from Vayusha. Enjoy her words of inspiration and her latest flow class at the bottom............

Over the last couple of months my life has been nothing short of chaotic and as I walked into my house today I halted in my steps gazing into a space that represented just that. As per natural human instincts of fight or flight, I immediately wanted to flee the scene, shut the door, lock it and walk away as though I never saw the disaster that was my home. I found myself closing my eyes, taking a deep breath in facing the toxic reality of avoiding all the dirt & grime, the mess taking away from what should be my oasis away from the chaos in which life can bring. One more deep breath, feet rooting, teeth baring, I opened my eyes and faced my truth. I was going to have to deal with this, it wasn't going to be easy, it was going to take time but it would be worth it. I grabbed my little home cleaning kit consisting of a vacuum, various scrub brushes, duster and the ever amazing all purpose spray and got to work. As I began to wipe away the dirt and organize the clutter I felt myself feeling lighter, more at ease and thought to myself, "this isn't as painful as I thought it would be!" As a smile started to spread across my face I laughed to myself realizing that this was exactly Yoga in the most pure and humble of forms.

It is very rare that I don't come to my mat and find a mess awaiting me that is my body, my mind and yes even my soul. This is why Yoga is so beautiful but yet so scary and why a lot of us tend to resist doing a little work to find our truth for better or worse. Life is constantly fluctuating, chaos will always be there to create a mess of things and through Yoga; through breath and movement, you are able to go deep into your home, all that makes you who you are and began to dust away the cob webs, scrub away the grime and come out shining! Just as taking care of your house is a constant process and sometimes even a battle, so is the process of your Yoga Practice. With every breath we take on our mat, things become cleaner, clearer, easier and ever expanding into the most perfect home you could realize! Next time you come to your mat and your home is less than tidy, embody the energy of what you would like to see. As you do this, you will literally feel a little swiffer like device working away, creating that oasis, that dream home where everything is possible.


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