Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Loose Tooth

Well it finally happened, my daughter lost her first tooth. As she is the last of her friends to go through this she has been, in her words, waiting for about a hundred years! As the tooth got more and more wiggly, she got more and more excited and then it just got so loose that we knew it was only a matter of hours. Her and her brother took turns trying to help it break free from that last bit that was holding on until it was so close it was almost hanging out of her mouth. At this moment she looked at me and as her eyes filled with big tears she told me that she didn't want to lose her tooth. It was a part of her and because it was her first tooth, it was precious (her words). We talked about how she needed to lose this first tooth in order to make space for the new tooth that was coming in to serve her better. This made such perfect sense to her that it didn't take long and she was happily twisting and pulling at it again.

This is when I was reminded of a simple lesson that I tend to forget, there may be times we need to let go of one thing to make space for another. It may be an emotion that no longer serves us, a habit, or tangible things we no longer have use for. Or it may be made obvious in nature like a tooth. Letting go can be scary but it can also leave us with a feeling of freedom.

My daughter did keep her tooth, but she has hidden it away in a bag with her shiny coin, both covered in fairy dust where she knows it is safe but she no longer has use for it. Her new tooth moved in so quickly she hasn't missed that first tooth for a moment.

With Gratitude for all my teachers,

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