Thursday, 4 July 2013

No more.....

Tonight as I walked through the sunset filled parking lot after a blissful swim in an outdoor pool, I ran into a friend that has also just finished swimming. We were both feeling amazing and laughed at all the excuses we had made in out heads today about why we couldn't make it down to swim when we both knew it would feel so great.

I am too tired.
It is too late.
The floors need to be cleaned.
My husband is running late so I will need to rush out.
I have not swam in a long time.
It is cold.

The excuses go on. There are many times throughout the day that we can find a way out. A very good reason to not do a little more or try a little harder.

Every time I squash those excuses and jump in the pool, roll out my mat, run the extra block or get up early to just sit in quiet I find I am so much better off. Life is full of reasons not to do what inspires you but it is also full of reasons to do them. I feel the trick is to let go of the excuses and focus on the benefits. The joy, the energy, the blissful feeling of doing something even when you are tired or out of practice. It fuels me to move forward and over time the excuses seem to melt away.

The funny thing is that when I got home, it didn't feel that late and I really didn't care that my floors needed to be swept but I felt great about my swim!

Here's to a summer without excuses that keep us from following our bliss.


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