Thursday, 26 September 2013


My five year old son, like most kids, loves to ride his bike. He loves to go to the bike park and ride through the trails or over little jumps and my husband is right behind him. Last weekend the two of them were finding inspiration on YouTube watching videos of bikers that come flying down large hills and then flip in the air and land. You know the ones right? They spin their handle bars and take their legs way off the bike and then make it look effortless as they land.

To me this sport is crazy and I just can't get over some of the things they are able to do. So when my son and husband are showing this to my 7 year old daughter and I, I said "How are they ever able to do this? How can they fly through the air like that and then land?" My daughter turns to me and says, "Ummmm, they practice Mom, like YOGA, they practice."

Of course they do, they practice. They didn't start out doing these tricks, they started out with training wheels and they practiced. They most likely spent hours upon hours practicing. They also probably fell, or had days where they questioned what they were doing, or maybe not. One thing is for sure, they did practice.

Yoga is a practice. We practice our breathing, moving our bodies, opening our hearts, settling our thoughts, kindness, acceptance, balancing and much more. Sometimes we float through our practice and land at the end with grace and sometimes we fall but we get back up and we continue knowing that it takes this constant commitment to practice.

Together with this beautiful practice of yoga may we continue to support one another as we get on our mats and we float and we fly or we stumble and get back up and we PRACTICE. Together we play, we breath, we just practice.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Compassion train

I've been taking transit and commuting into the city everyday for the last 2 weeks and I've noticed a few things along the way. Some are sad & disheartening, but today I want to share what I've noticed that inspires me.

People are sincerely kind.

I travel during busy rush hour times (I know, yuck!) so the trains get packed with people. Every time the door opens, you can see people look around and consider where they can move to accommodate the 6 more people about to step on. When elderly people come on board, people get up and offer their seats. Even saw someone do this for a pregnant woman yesterday.

Last week, I noticed a young man making silly faces to a distraught child and the child reacted with a smile and her whole demeanour changed. You could see how shocked and grateful the also distraught mother was for the kindness of the young man.

I see people hold the door open when someone is running to make the train, or help someone with their bags when their struggling to pull them on. Even in the busiest time of the day, when people are tired and ready to put their feet up, they offer their hand, welcome a warm smile and extend compassion.

For different reasons media seems to showcases the bad in the world. Tells stories of heart ache and terror. If you're anything like me, this leaves me paranoid and upset. Even though I've experienced my own pain & suffering and can empathise with those amidst their own turmoil, Today I want us to look within our hearts and remember how kind and loving we innately are.

If the ancient sages are right, than what we focus on comes to life. So then, may we remember our kindness and offer a hand the next time you see someone struggle, or turn off the phone the next time you're sitting at dinner with your love, and how about some self love when you roll out your yoga mat and find your tight hamstrings are limiting you.

Imagine a world where Love & kindness was our focus.

From my heart to yours,

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


My friend Julie shares my love of lists. She recently told me about her latest list. 40 things she wants to do before the age of 40. As I love lists and am the same age as her, I was inspired to join her. I have been working on my list for about two weeks now and still have about ten things to add but so far it has been an eye opening experience.

The first thing I was surprised at was how hard to was for me to start a list. I haven’t done everything I want in this life but of the things I really want at this moment I feel very content. There were no big things screaming at me that I must do right away.

The second thing was that as I started the list I realized these are mostly things that I can do daily. I want certain yoga poses, to be more balanced in life so I have more time for the people and a practice that I love. So simple.

I also realized that there are a few bigger things in life that I do want but was afraid to say it out loud for fear I wouldn’t be able to accomplish them. After I wrote them down I felt better. I feel like I have some big goals and I know what they are. I have also started thinking about how to reach them.

I know that writing this list really opened my eyes even more to the life full of love, abundance, beautiful people and many exciting and fulfilling moments that I live. I could throw away my list today and be thankful that I wrote it. I won’t though, I’m going to tack it on my board and have fun crossing a few things off. If I don’t get through all 40 well I will move them over to my 50 before 50.

With Gratitude,

Thursday, 5 September 2013


If you're anything like me, you will relate when I tell you that on occasion I make things more complicated than they need to be. Especially when my schedule gets hectic and busy, as it has been this week. The good news is I'm aware of my habits, so when I noticed myself sliding back into my busy tendencies, I quickly re-collaborated and question, how can I balance this unavoidable busyness with some grounded peace?

What I've realized is that it's all about my ability to simplify. What areas of my life and schedule can I simplify, to help balance the energy of my day and my Self out?

  • I can plan ahead for dinners and snacks, so I'm less stressed and better organized during the week. 
  • I can be Ok with saying "No" to the extra work requests I get during my busy season. 
  • I can take transit instead of driving so I'm less stressed on the road and more relaxed when I arrive at work. 

One that has really been satisfying my soul right now is simplifying my yoga practice. Letting the priority be on my breath.
Inhale, move
Exhale, move 
Inhale, move
Exhale, move
Inhale, hold the pose
Exhale, hold the pose
Inhale, hold the pose
Exhale, hold the pose. 
(*Sigh* I feel better even just writing it out).

At the end of my practice I feel more grounded and more capable of handling whatever life throws at me with the Grace and integrity I want to live by. Even though this may sound too easy or of little value, but please DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF SIMPLICITY!

What can you simplify in your life to re-collaborate or balance out the energy of this busy time of year?

From my heart to yours,