Wednesday, 11 September 2013


My friend Julie shares my love of lists. She recently told me about her latest list. 40 things she wants to do before the age of 40. As I love lists and am the same age as her, I was inspired to join her. I have been working on my list for about two weeks now and still have about ten things to add but so far it has been an eye opening experience.

The first thing I was surprised at was how hard to was for me to start a list. I haven’t done everything I want in this life but of the things I really want at this moment I feel very content. There were no big things screaming at me that I must do right away.

The second thing was that as I started the list I realized these are mostly things that I can do daily. I want certain yoga poses, to be more balanced in life so I have more time for the people and a practice that I love. So simple.

I also realized that there are a few bigger things in life that I do want but was afraid to say it out loud for fear I wouldn’t be able to accomplish them. After I wrote them down I felt better. I feel like I have some big goals and I know what they are. I have also started thinking about how to reach them.

I know that writing this list really opened my eyes even more to the life full of love, abundance, beautiful people and many exciting and fulfilling moments that I live. I could throw away my list today and be thankful that I wrote it. I won’t though, I’m going to tack it on my board and have fun crossing a few things off. If I don’t get through all 40 well I will move them over to my 50 before 50.

With Gratitude,

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