Thursday, 24 October 2013

Getting Lost

Last week we joined friends of ours and took our kids to a corn maze. This was the first time I have been in maze this big and it was so much fun. Some people were racing through timing themselves, sweating as they practically ran through the maze and others were more like us finding themselves lost.

The thing that I found interesting as we walked through was the panic that some people were expressing as they realized they were lost. We are so used to having the answers literally in the palm of our hands all the time that it is unusual to find ourselves lost, without direction or without the answer. The point of a corn maze is to work your way through and maybe get a little lost on the way, maybe retrace steps and laugh as you realize that you have done the same circle more than once! I must admit there was one point that my friend and I found ourselves on the opposite side of a path from our kids and we did squeeze our way through but we had a great time just being lost and being present at the same time.

Life requires us to have schedules and to have direction and answers so much that I feel we need to sometimes just lose ourselves. On our mats, in our practice or in a good book or conversation or even in a day dream.

It feels good to let go and get lost.

It took us over an hour to make our way through the corn maze but it didn’t matter the direction or path that we all took or even how long we spent circling around, everyone that entered the maze finished at the same spot.

Practice. Get lost. Have fun.


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