Wednesday, 13 November 2013

You. Your presence.

"Perhaps the greatest wealth you possess, the most precious, valuable gift you can ever hope to offer any human being is this one, simple, true thing: You. Your presence. Showing up. Being in the company of another, undistracted, unhurried, with an open heart, gentle hands, and a patient soul. Willing to be surprised by whatever emerges in the soil of sharing your present, loving company with another human being." Wayne Muller from the book, A life of being, having and doing enough.

This paragraph hits home for me because I know this statement to be true and I think you do too.

I see it in my daughters eyes when we're dancing in the living room vs the times she's asking for my attention when I'm distracted on my cell phone. I feel it when my husband stops what he's doing, looks me in the eyes and sincerely asks me "how was your day?". I connect with it when I'm listening to one of my yoga students, as they share their experience with me.

So if this is really where our riches lie. Where the power to give and receive love comes from, than why am I obsessed with finding the perfect Christmas gift for my family or constantly panicked that I didn't get to my emails fast enough. Well, I don't know. But I do know that in order for me to be able and willing to "show up" and give my full attention I need to have offered myself the same gift. I need to slow down the go, go, go and take care of ME. This is really what Yoga offers us all. Time to be with our Self. Fully present, deeply connected. Once I've filled up, even if it's just for 30 mins, than I remember the value of my time, just how sacred my energy is and I'm more able to offer that to someone else. To give a gift of time.

May we put ourselves on the gift list this Christmas and Show up. Undistracted, full of love, ready to listen, without any guilt, for what it is that we need. So in turn we can rise to the occasion and let Christmas be about You, Showing up with an open heart and undivided attention to those you love.

With you on this path,

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