Thursday, 26 December 2013

Closer to each other

" From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another, The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other. "-Emily Matthews

May the spirit of the Holidays continue to inspire you for days to come. 

Love team

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Presence is truly the best present.

Sitting in the theatre of my children's school this week anxiously awaiting my son's Christmas concert we were given the gift of some wonderful advice. The principal, whom I really think is awesome, came on to the stage and asked the parents to not take pictures. At first I was a little upset as I am always snapping shots of my kids and didn't want to miss this big event....... but she went on to say, "please put down all your phones and cameras and just be in the moment. Give them your full attention. So often these days we are trying so hard to capture something that we miss what is really going on."

It was a wonderful concert and although some pictures were taken and moments caught on film, there were a lot more people just sitting back and enjoying the wonderful concert that our five year olds worked so hard to put together. The next night was my daughter's concert and I left my camera in my bag the entire show and had such an amazing experience. I caught moments that I may have missed trying to get that perfect picture.

I hope you can all just sit back for a few moments this holiday and enjoy being present with those around you and I also hope you receive the same attention.

With warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday,

There is no picture for this blog but I'm sure you can all remember how much fun school concerts were.........

Thursday, 12 December 2013

No more excuses!

Recently I was sitting in my car at a green light waiting for the traffic to break so I could turn left. As I sat there patiently observing the opposing traffic drive by, singing along to the song on the radio, I heard sirens from a distance. An ambulance was coming up the street.

I quickly scanned the traffic from left to right to see where it was coming from. A moment later I saw its lights flashing to my right and the sirens get louder, so I paused where I was and waited for the ambulance to cross the intersection. As I sat there watching and waiting, the woman behind me started honking her horn. At first I didn't realize what was going on, I was lost concentrating on the ambulance moving fast towards the lights. The woman behind me continued to honk, as she was frustrated I wasn't turning when traffic had paused.

I looked in my rear view mirror in dis belief and pointed to the ambulance who had now paused to look left & right before speeding through the red light. The woman mouthed something to me & proceeded to finger me. I again, pointed towards the ambulance. She looked up, noticed what I was pointed at and stopped all the fussing. At first I was mad. Really mad!

"What's her problem?" I thought to myself. Then started the process of breathing deeply & relaxing my already tense shoulders. It took awhile for me to settle down.

Once the incident settled and I could now turn and continue on down the road, the woman behind my sped off to my right and passed me as fast as she could.

Now, this isn't the first time road rage has occurred in my life. I unfortunately commute too much these days. What I'm in shock about is how frequently I've witnessing acts of anger, impatience and hatred in the last 2 weeks. I understand that this time of year people are busy and rushed, usually with an overwhelming schedule, and stressed about all the money their spending on their holiday shopping lists. What I don't believe is that this is a good enough excuse for bad behaviour and aggressive reactions.

What I love so much about yoga, is that it allows me space. To gather perspective. To connect with where I am in the current of life and consider my choices. It's my sanctuary when life gets tough or busy. It's home when I'm away from home.

When I was getting my hair cut yesterday, I over heard the hair dresser say to what I assumed was a familiar client that she hadn't been to yoga for weeks because she was just too busy. The best time to go to yoga is when you're busy. You make time. That's why Cj & I started So there were no more excuses to JUST PRACTICE YOGA. You're worth it, you deserve it, you won't regret it. Hardest part is rolling out your mat.

So instead of ruminating over your to do list or fussy about your dirty kitchen so much that you overreact in the grocery store line up or rage on the road. Just go do YOGA! Seriously, here's a short 30 min class from one of our teachers Jeff Mah, that I promise will help lift your spirits and help cultivate clarity.

With you on this path,

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Well it has sneaked up again. The last month of the year. You may not all celebrate Christmas as I do but regardless of what or how you celebrate, I think most of us can agree, this month gets a little crazy! I decided this month I would do my best to try to enjoy the holidays and not get too stressed. These are some of the ways I think will be helpful during this holiday season.

Practice. Yes, you may feel like you need to be doing a million other things but carve out the time to get on your mat. Your practice doesn’t need to be long but take the time to sit and move and connect with your body.

Say no, but also say yes. There are only so many things one person can do in a a month, parties, craft fairs, concerts, light trains, gingerbread, card writing, parades….need I say more? If you feel overwhelmed then say no to a couple of things. It may be better to say no to a few things so you can say yes to the things that you want to do and therefore do them better or have more fun doing them. Take time to decide what is truly important to you and your family and maybe let go of the rest. You may be giving others permission to do the same and they will thank you.

Some things we can not control, but we can control how we react to them or what we do with them. We can also decide what we need to do to help ourselves. Take control.

Do you remember what anyone wore at last years party? I was chatting with two friends and we agreed that you can wear last years dress more than once! 

At the end of the day when you are tired and you want to crawl into bed, take 20 minutes, bundle up and walk around your neighbourhood. Look at the beautiful lights and breath in the fresh air. Chances are you will also walk by many people in your neighbourhood doing the same and it always feels great to connect with neighbours. Even if it is just a chattered smile or frozen wave.

Be reminded why you celebrate. This is important.

Yes, it is the thought that counts. Somewhere along the way Christmas got out of control. Maybe have conversations with extended family about gift exchanges and drawing names or just skipping it all together. More time to enjoy each others company.

Remember what you are grateful for. At dinner we go around the table and do our roses and thorns. We start with something in our day that we are grateful for, then something that we weren’t so happy about and finish with another rose of gratitude. It usually ends being many more roses than just two and it is a fun way to learn about each others day and be reminded of how blessed we are.

Rememeber. We are all in this together. We are all one. Share your smiles, your laughter, you love. Spend time this month with those you love and enjoy this special time of year when people make an effort to connect.

I wish you all a relaxing and purely enjoyable last month of the year.

With warmth,