Thursday, 19 December 2013

Presence is truly the best present.

Sitting in the theatre of my children's school this week anxiously awaiting my son's Christmas concert we were given the gift of some wonderful advice. The principal, whom I really think is awesome, came on to the stage and asked the parents to not take pictures. At first I was a little upset as I am always snapping shots of my kids and didn't want to miss this big event....... but she went on to say, "please put down all your phones and cameras and just be in the moment. Give them your full attention. So often these days we are trying so hard to capture something that we miss what is really going on."

It was a wonderful concert and although some pictures were taken and moments caught on film, there were a lot more people just sitting back and enjoying the wonderful concert that our five year olds worked so hard to put together. The next night was my daughter's concert and I left my camera in my bag the entire show and had such an amazing experience. I caught moments that I may have missed trying to get that perfect picture.

I hope you can all just sit back for a few moments this holiday and enjoy being present with those around you and I also hope you receive the same attention.

With warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday,

There is no picture for this blog but I'm sure you can all remember how much fun school concerts were.........

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