Thursday, 2 January 2014

Big Change

As my kids and I watched from our kitchen windows the snow falling and falling and the beautiful thick layer of white that was continuing to build, my daughter said, "it's amazing how so many tiny little snowflakes can make such a huge mess of snow in our yard." 

That's what it takes, many tiny little snowflakes, unique, falling separately and landing in different places but when they come together they can shut down an entire city. They can take your breath away, they can cause stillness in madness, and laughter among strangers. When these tiny little snowflakes come together and become one.

As we approach this new year together let's remember that if we continue to come together, all the different and unique beings that we are, with different ideas and approaches and beliefs, we too can cause stillness amongst madness and we too can create peace and freedom and laughter with strangers.

May this year bring you good health, crazy wonderful love and pure bliss.

With much warmth,

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