Thursday, 27 February 2014

Thank you

The placement of the mat does not always determine the teacher or the student.

I am a student. I will always be a student first. The times that I take that spot at the front of the class and lead others through the practice of yoga I become a student and a teacher. As I watch the most inspiring yogis show up and roll out their mats to practice together I learn from them. They may not know, but daily, they are also the teachers.

They inspire me with the way they mindfully connect their movements with their breath and how they skillfully place their hands and feet on the mat. I am shown community as they gather together to support each other as we move. I see dedication as they continue to show up regardless of snow, long nights at work or big hockey games. I am reminded to soften and have fun as our eyes connect and smiles spread.

I thank all the beautiful people that show up each day and get on your mats. Regardless of where you sit in class or how many years you have practiced, we are all students and we are all teachers.

With so much gratitude for the lessons you have taught me, continue to teach me and how you inspire me with your commitment, your dedication and your presence.

From my entire heart, I thank you,

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