Thursday, 3 April 2014

This is yoga.

As a yoga teacher I find I am often walking a thin line of when I may or may not invite spirituality into my classes. I tend to shy away from voicing too much of my own personal beliefs or saying the word God. I am even careful on what music I play in particular classes.

The truth is, yoga is a spiritual practice. The more you do asana the more you may find this path if you weren’t on it already. It asks us to dig deep and question our actions, to find ease amongst effort, to breath in to the uncomfortable and to open ourselves up to the divine in ourselves and in each other. It teaches us truth, kindness, non-harming, to not steal, to be faithful and that we are all connected among many other lessons.

This is yoga.

Regardless of who or what you may call God, yoga includes us all. It is a physical practice and it is a spiritual practice and this should be embraced. I feel that it is so important to start today by recognizing the divine in each of us and in each other. I believe it would change the way we move through this life.

I feel that it doesn’t matter what word we use, the faith or religion we follow or if we don’t share the same ideas on God. But if we are capable of seeing the divinity in the world around us and seeing that we are all connected that we are all one we can lift each other up, we can bring peace and we can then celebrate. To me, this is yoga.

The divine light in me honours and bows to the divine light in you, we are one.


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