Thursday, 17 April 2014

yoga shmoga

There are some days that I really do not like yoga. Seriously, I really don’t like it. Yoga in my life makes it difficult. It requires me to show up each day and stand in my truth. It makes me carve out time to get on my mat to sit, breath and move. Time!  That thing we all run out of each day. And it screams at me in the back of my head all day until I get to it and if I can’t get to it, I go to bed upset and sometimes feeling defeated.

It requires me to practice things like asteya or non-stealing. Which may sound easy, but if I show up even a minute late to meet a friend for tea I have stolen a minute from them. Or if I am cranky to my husband, I have stolen his energy. I mean, really, yoga can be a tough practice.

But it is also in these difficulties that I build strength, that I find connection with myself and those around me. It is those times when I really don’t want to get on my mat that when I do, I learn the most. It takes dedication and it takes a lot of patience. When I practice, I find that things around me make sense. It helps me listen to my intuition and guides my energy and the more I practice, the more I feel all the amazing things that this thing called yoga offers.

Yoga is a life long practice and yes, some days it takes so much more effort than others. Like many things in life, it takes hard work but often the things that are most difficult are also the most rewarding. So the next time you struggle with rolling out your mat or showing up fully in your day, take a moment to remember the times that you do show up and how awesome it feels and enjoy the process however it may be. As hard as it may sometimes be, it is a path that I could not imagine, not being on.

With you on this path of yoga,

This was my favorite day of yoga ever! My family joining me for a class with Seane Corn. Pure bliss practicing with these three yogis. Love.

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