Thursday, 1 May 2014


As I searched for inspiration for my post this week I kept coming back to a word. Simple. It seems that life has gotten unnecessarily complicated and in my own life I am often searching for simplicity. I was having a hard time putting my thoughts into words until I opened my daughter's journal from school this afternoon.

It read;

Things that make me happy. I am happy when I dance. I am happy when I hug Mommy. I am happy when I play with my brother. I am happy when I read a book. I am happy when I am at school.

Things that make me sad. I am sad when I fall down. I am sad when other people are sad. I am sad when I have to leave my brother. I am sad when other people are hurt.

It is so simple, these things that make her and so many of us, happy. Dancing, love, playing, reading and learning. They don’t cost money or require anything other than simply showing up and being open.

It is sad when we hurt, people leave or other people are hurting. It is. That is life and we can do our best to simply live in a way that brings peace to others and ourselves but it is not complicated. It is simple.

May you all find happiness in the simple joys of life.

With much gratitude and love for the many teachers I have in my life, including my two children who simply teach me lessons every day,


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