Thursday, 18 September 2014

Get grounded

It's mid September now (wow!). A transitional time of year, as we close the metaphorical doors of summer and move gingerly into Fall. Similar to our asana (posture) practice, transitions can be complex and full of air (Vata as we call it in yoga) energy that can inspire creativity and insight, however also increase anxiety and instability.

One of the powerful aspects of Yoga is that it helps balance the prana (energy) within all the layers of our Self, which in turn affects in creating more ease within life. It does mean that you have to be aware of where you're out of balance or just simply where you are in the current of life. Perspective you could say. Once you understand where you are in the flow of things, than you can look to your yoga practice as an opportunity to counterbalance any misalignment.

For instance, I'm finding I need more grounding postures and practices right now to help balance out all this Air (Vata) energy I'm experiencing. So in honour of that I've made a very quick video for you to use in helping you ground yourself. It's a simple practice made up of 3 basic yoga postures, that I would like you to hold each posture for 30 secs - 2mins (build up if this is challenging). Transition keeping your head down the whole time and your eyes gazing at the floor, all actions that assist in grounding our energy and creating balance. Don't worry to much about your physical alignment, just stay deeply connected to your breath (long even inhales and exhales) and root firmly into your foundation(hands and feet).

Here's to creating balanced harmony in all aspects of our Self.
With you on this path,

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