Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Body Image movement

On Tuesday night CJ and I went to an amazing event here in Vancouver called "Embrace Vancouver". The event hosted close to a 100 woman of all different cultures, professions, and ages. Even though we all showed up in our own unique way, we ultimately came with the same intention, to hear more about Taryn Brumfit and her "Body Image movement".

To say that CJ and I were moved is an understatement. The hair on my arms stood up for most of the evening and my eyes constantly swelled with tears as I related to Taryn's story and thought dearly of my sweet innocent 5 yr old daughter. Like many of us, Taryn struggles with body image issues and after years of agony and self loathing she came to the conclusion one day that she needed to change. Change the way she felt about her body, change the way the media portrays woman........change the worlds view of the woman's body. Powerful, YES!

Yoga is time we spend with ourselves, in our bodies, connecting deeply. Time we can use for self love, self compassion, deep rest. On the flip side, for some, it can also be another opportunity to beat yourself up or acknowledge your failures or less than perfect attributes. We at hope that you'll see that those limiting beliefs and unnecessary inner talk isn't serving you anymore and will make a promise with yourself to utilize yoga as an opportunity to nourish all aspects of your Self and be grateful for the body we have. Just as you are. For we know YOU ARE ENOUGH!

We are in full support of this movement, and am motivated to do what we can to help Taryn in this endeavour and we're hoping you will too. To get a better feel for the "Body Image movement" please watch Taryn's video.

With you on this path,
Lauren and CJ

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