Thursday, 12 March 2015

Picture this

Isn't it fascinating how obsessive our society is right now on taking, posting and commenting on pictures and videos?

It has me thinking about why we take pictures. We take pictures to capture the moment. So we can later look back at that picture and remember the people we were with, the feelings we had and the experience it all came from. It invokes a memory, a feeling, an experience.

What's fascinating about the whole thing is that I see so many people get stressed and worked up about taking the picture that it interferes with the moment, the feeling, the experience. They're missing out on the whole reason why they are taking the picture. I've even found myself taking a billion different shots because I'm trying to get the "perfect" one. What is that? The perfect picture that represents this moment. How do you do that? Is that possible?

Well I sure don't have all the answers but I do know that I'm working on staying in the present moment myself and not letting the need to capture the occasion, so I can post it up on Instagram take me out of the preciousness of what I'm experiencing. Hopefully this post will inspire you to do the same. That the next time you find yourself desperately digging for your smart phone, so you can take a picture that you'll stop, step back and simply embrace what is going on in the moment and trust that that is enough.

Everything you need is within you.

With you on this path,

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