Thursday, 29 October 2015


Who would be if no one ever told you who you are?

Halloween is here and once again we get to dress up freely and become an aspect of ourselves that we may not feel like revealing on any other Saturday. Now I am not suggesting that if you dress up as a Ninja or a Princess that you have a deep desire to be a Ninja or Princess but I am curious if there is some little part of you that would like to sneak around in a black bodysuit or eat cake with a jeweled crown. A small little part? ( I would!!)

I think the thing that most comes to light is the aspect of play and bringing back that childhood freedom of being who you choose to be regardless of what you are told or who you think you should be. Something that can be missing from the everyday. A chance to put on a mask or wear something you don't normally get to and be silly and play.

I hope this weekend you and your families have a safe, silly and playful weekend.



Thursday, 22 October 2015

Remember your first?

On occasion to gather perspective and reflect on the lessons I've learned from my past, I go back into my archives and remember the first time I ever went to a yoga class.

It was literally a life changing experience. I remember being nervous with the other students in class and unsure about the yoga mat beneath me. I couldn't take my eyes off the teacher and was in awe of his presence and the things he was saying. I remember gasping for air once we got to Surya Namaskara B (sun salutation B) and shaked like a leaf in Down Dog, which the teacher described as a "resting pose".

"Holy shit, this is a RESTING POSE!)", I screamed in my head.

As class progressed, I continued to watch the other students in the room and was inspired by their focus and ability to move gracefully within their bodies. I remember feeling insecure with my body. When we finally (75 mins later) laid down for Savasana (corpse posture), I collapsed in a pile of my own sweat an wept. Literally bringing to the surface years of pent up sadness and self loathing. That moment in Savasana, I remembered how badly I wanted to live a life full of love and feel apart of the greater whole. I now, in this moment, remember, I am loved and apart of the greater whole. 

What do you remember? What have you learned on this path, so far?

With you on this path,